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Why Lord Ram Send Mata Sita to Forest? Was Lord Rama Right or Wrong?

This is the original article which is copied by speaking tree...Google ranks copied articles higher and removes the original content. "Why Lord Ram Send Mata Sita to Forest? Was Lord Rama Right or Wrong?" copyrighted to Abhilash Rajendran. One of the greatest merits of Hindu Scriptures is that it is open to interpretation and criticism. Some of the actions of Lord Rama in Ramayana have been criticized and many even doubt whether Lord Ram deserves the reverence and worship that he is getting. All the actions of Lord Ram that are open to criticism today could have easily been polished and edited by Sage Valmiki and presented him without any so called flaws. This is the greatness of Hindu scriptures; it does not preach or impose teachings and ideas but kindles the reader to think, participate in a healthy debate and reach a conclusion. It wants the reader to remain independent and think independently. Our king might accept a wife who had stayed in another man’s home bu

Sheetala Mata Story – Origin Of The Worship Of Goddess Sitala Mata

Goddess Sheetala Mata is mentioned in numerous Hindu scriptures. She is the goddess of Smallpox. The story of the origin and worship of Goddess Sitala Mata is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. It is believed that she causes the disease smallpox and Goddess Sheetla also has the capacity to cure it. Legend has it that Goddess Sheetla first appeared in a yajna or sacrifice conducted by Lord Brahma. He gave her the boon that she will be worshipped as long as she carried with her urad dal. Goddess Sheetla then found a companion in Jwarasura, the fever demon, who appeared from the sweat of Shiva. It is said that she along with her companion visited the Devas in the heaven. But on the way her urad dal changed into small pox germs. So wherever Goddess Sheetla and Jvarasura went they spread fever and smallpox. The devas pleaded with the Goddess to show mercy and asked her to find a place to reside in heaven. On earth they visited King Birat, who was an ardent devotee

Vishnu Sahasranamam Lyrics in Hindi - Text Of Vishnu Sahasranama in Hindi

Vishnu Sahasranamam is one of the most popular prayers dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Vishnu Sahasranama consists of the 1000 names of Lord Vishnu. This is a pdf version of the Vishnu Sahasranamam lyrics in Hindi. This free version of Vishnu Sahasranamam in Hindi text is provided by Gita Press. You can download  Vishnu Sahasranamam lyrics in Hindi here at Gita Press . Vishnu Sahasranama consists of three parts – purvabhag; stotrabhag or the main part from which one thousand names are composed; and uttarabhag.  This most popular hymn to Vishnu is from the Mahabharata and was first narrated by Bhishma Pitamaha.

Crocodile In Hinduism – Famous Incidents Involving Crocodiles In Hindu Religion

Crocodile or Makara is of great significance in Hinduism and plays an important role in many famous incidents mentioned in Hindu scriptures. The Vehicle or Vahana of Goddess Ganga is an aquatic animal with the body of a crocodile or Makara and She is believed to travel from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal atop a crocodile. The Hindu rain-god Varuna also rides on Makara. Varuna is also the god of the oceans and seas. The God of Love (Kamadeva) has crocodile as his emblem and Rati his wife carries it with her. Kamadeva and Rati are also depicted riding the crocodile. Please note that Makara as vehicle is not exactly a crocodile it has the body of a crocodile, tail of a fish and sometimes an head with a trunk. The most popular incident involving a crocodile in Hindu Scriptures is the Gajendra Moksha. Gajendra, a proud elephant, is pulled into the river by a demon in the guise of a crocodile and he tries to escape from it and the struggle continues for several years and f

Marriage Thriketta Nakshatra Female – Suitable Matching Stars for Thriketta Nakshatram Born Girl

Matching stars for Thriketta Nakshatra born girl as per Kerala/Malayalam jyothisham is given below. It must be noted that the matching star is for female born in Thriketta Nakshatra only. It is not for male born in the star. Matching Star for Thriketta Nakshatra Female are: Kartika, Makayiram, Thiruvathira, Punartham, Pooyam, Ayilyam, Makam, Uthram, Chithira, Chothi, Vishakam, Anizham and Thriketta – born boys are good for Thriketta Nakshatra born girl.

Kurma Mantra – Vastu Dosha Parihara

It is widely believed by many Hindu communities that puja, worship and chanting of mantra associated with Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu will help in overcoming vastu related doshas. Kurma mantra for vastu dosha parihara is: Om Hreem Kurmaya Vastu Purushaya Swaha ॐ ह्रीं कूर्माय वास्तु पुरुषाय स्वाहा   How To Chant Vastu Dosha Parihara Kurma Mantra? The mantra should be chanted on Thursday or on full moon day. Wake up early in the morning, take bath and wear yellow color dress. Offer prayers to Ganesha in mind. Sit facing east. Place picture or sculpture of Kurma avatar on a yellow color cloth. Light lamp using pure cow ghee, light natural flower agarbatti, offer yellow flowers, sandalwood paste and yellow fruit. Chant the mantra 108 times. Share the fruit with family members. Placing Brass Kurma Murti In Home To protect family members against all kinds of dangers and to prevent accidents in the house, keep a brass turtle at the main entrance of the house f

Lomaharshana – Narrator Of Puranas

Lomaharshana was one of the chief students of the Sage Vyasa. Lomaharshana was the narrator of Puranas and he is renowned as the foremost propagator of the Puranic lore of India. He is sometimes referred to as Romaharshana. According to Vishnu Purana (3.7.15-16), sage Vyasa composed the Puranas from materials contained in the tales, episode, ballads and narratives prevalent in the land and imparted it to Lomaharshana for propagating it among the people. Lomaharshana was also called Suta because he was born of a Kshatriya man and a Brahmin woman. This explanation is given by commentator Nilakantha in his commentary on Harivamsa Purana (1.4) Lomaharshana had six disciples – Sumati, Agnivarcas, Mitrayus, Samsampayana (Vaishampayana), Akrtavrana (Kashyapa) and Savarni. The last three composed Puranic collections of their own; so did Lomaharshana. Vishnu Purana was later composed from materials called from these compositions (Vishnu Purana 6.17-19) The credit for popul

Swami Hariharananda Aranya Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings of Swami Hariharananda.  Source  - Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali by Swami Hariharananda Aranya How easily we forget that we live in the Divine Presence. Our existence, power, desires, thoughts and actions are rooted in this presence. How many of us are aware of this truth, this knowledge? We have a personal library within. All we have to do is go inside and help will come. Meditation teaches you how to return to the central consciousness from where all wisdom flows. Meditation does more than clean the mind; it purifies your cells. A blind man cannot give instructions regarding anything concerning the visual properties of objects, so the teachings of a person who has not himself realized truth, cannot relate to any realizable principle. Men with minds dominated by the principle of Tamas, lack the ability of discrimination between right and wrong and engage in vicious act or acts which cause great unhappiness. They are deluded a