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Heinrich Lueders – Famous German Indologist

Heinrich Lueders (1869 – 1943) was a famous German Indologist who held the Chair of Indology at the University of Berlin for more than 25 years. He was ably assisted in his work by his wife, Else Lueders. It is noteworthy that Heinrich Lueders dealt with a variety of subjects, including Vedas, Vedangas, the Mahabharata, Sanskrit drama and Indian inscriptions. Education And Career Of Heinrich Lueders Born in Luebeck, Lueders studied German philology in Munich and later switched over to the study of Sanskrit at the University of Gottingen. The Kiel University awarded him a prize for his dissertation Die Vyasasiksa in threm Verhaeltnis zum Taittiriya Pratisakhya (Vyasasiksa in its relation to Taittiriya Pratisakhya) in 1895. Later, he went to England and worked as librarian at the Indian Institute of Oxford University for some time before returning to Germany and working at the universities of Rostock and Kiel. In 1906, he became the secretary of the prestigious Berlin A

Why Tuesday Is Considered Inauspicious By Some Hindu Communities?

Tuesday, which is known as Mangalwar or Chowai or Chovazhcha, is considered inauspicious by some Hindu communities, especially in South India (Kerala). No journey is commenced on Tuesday as it is bad. Auspicious ceremonies are also avoided on the day. Some scholars indicate that that it is suggested in the Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira that Tuesday should be avoided for auspicious functions. Mangalwar or Tuesday is ruled by Mars or Mangal. Mars is also known by the name of Angarak, Kujan, Agneya and this all indicates that the planet is red and is associated with heat. He is also believed to kick start fights and is also considered to be responsible for cuts and bruises on the body. He is also believed to create unwanted competitions among people. Tuesday begins at the highest influence point of Mars and therefore he is believed to have control throughout the day. These are some of the reasons why Tuesday is held inauspicious. But it must also be remembered tha

How Peepal Tree Got Its Name?

Peepal tree is one of the trees worshipped in Hinduism, and the tree is associated with Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu. There is an interesting story as to how the Peepal tree got its name. Legend has it that Pippalada Rishi performed intense austerities under the tree for garnering the attention of Shani Bhagavan. Shani was impressed by the intense austerities and devotion of the Rishi. The tree got the name Peepal after the Pippalada Rishi. Shani also gave the rishi the boon that he will not torment those who are under the age of sixteen.

Thoughts and Quotes on Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu

A few thoughts and quotes on Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu.... In the Vishnu Sahasranama, it is the Narasimha avatara that is mentioned first among all the avatars. Narasimha came heeding the calls of a child, and that too the child of an asura. It is said that Lord Narayana came as Narasimha for the sake of Prahlada. But a better way of putting it would be to say that He came in order that Prahlada's words might be proved true. The Lord is always true to His words. He never slips from them. Nor does He let his devotees' words prove false. Prahlada had declared to his father Hiranyakasipu that the Lord was there everywhere. That is why the Lord took His position in all pillars, for He wanted to be at hand, whichever pillar Hiranyakasipu chose to strike. He wanted to show that He would never allow His devotees' words to be proved false. Whatever form pleases His bhaktas, is a form that He readily assumes, and in doing so, the Lord loses none of Hi

Narasimha Avatar and Goddess Lakshmi

Narasimha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the aim of the divine incarnation of half-man half-lion was to save the world from the clutches of Hiranyakashipu, the demon king. Narasimha incarnation was also the result of the unwavering devotion of Prahlad the young devotee Vishnu. But fiery Narasimha threatened to destroy the world and it was Goddess Lakshmi who calmed him down. Hiranyakashipu as a result of intense austerities (Tapas) got a boon from Brahma that he will not be killed either by a man or a beast, neither will he be killed indoors or outdoors and nor during day or night. Armed with such a powerful boon, Hiranyakashipu asked the people to worship him and not Vishnu. He overpowered the Devas and people started worshipping him except for his son Prahlad. Child Prahlad displayed exemplary courage and worshipped Vishnu before Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashipu tried several methods to change his son’s mind. When the attempts failed, he tried to elimina

Kayavarohan Mandir – Shiva Lakulisa Temple At Karvan – Vadodara Gujarat

Kayavarohan, currently known as Karvan, is considered to be the birth place of God Shiva in the form of Lakulisa. The place is 24 km south of Vadodara in Gujarat. The place is associated with the Lakulisa Pasupata sect. Vayu Purana (Chapter XXIII) regards Lakulisa as the last and 28th incarnation of Shiva. He was born in Kayavarohan and he is assigned to 2nd century BC by some and to 105 – 130 AD by others on the evidence of a series of teachers mentioned in the Mathura Pillar Inscription of (380 – 81 AD). Meaning of Kayavarohan – kaya means body and avarohan means descent. Thus Kayavarohan is the place where Shiva appeared in a human body. The place is one among the 68 pilgrimages associated with Shiva in Shiva Purana. It is believed that Sage Vishwamitra wrote the Savitri Mantra and Gayatri Mantra here. There developed a tradition around Lakulisa, who means God of the club. The tradition was popular in western parts of India from the 1st century BC and later s

Importance of Chanting of Gayatri – Gayatri Japa – in Hinduism

Gayatri Japa is one of the most important mantras in Hinduism and it is dedicated to Surya, the sun god – pratyksha Brahman or the visible god. Hinduism believes in the welfare of all living beings and Gayatri Japa one of the most ancient prayers in the world is a universal prayer seeking welfare of all living beings. Gayatri mantra is found in the Rig Veda (III.62.10). Importance of Gayatri Japa The mantra is constantly chanted in several grahya and Srautasutras – the ritualistic adjuncts of the Vedas. It is also chanted in the Hindu religious codes and social laws (Dharmashastra). Gayatri forms the primary mantra into which young boys and girls are initiated. This is part of the Upanayana ceremony. Atharva veda (19.71.1) gives the title of Vedamata (Mother of Vedas) to Gayatri Mantra. It states that the recitation would confer on the person long life, glory, children and wealth. As per Apastamba Dharmasutra, Gayatri Japa is equal to the recitation of all the f

Kanchuki – Person Held in Trust By Hindu Kings And Queens

Kanchuki is an honest, elderly and reliable person, often a eunuch, held in trust by the king and queen in ancient Hindu world. Kanchuki was free to move in all parts of the palace, including the harem and royal court. But the movements are restricted to the palace only. The person was extremely duty bound and always at the beck and call of his master or mistress. In accordance with his position and characteristic, the duties of a kanchuki included carrying of messages to and from the king and the queen and receiving visitors with due decorum. In view of the unique nature of his functions in normal life, kanchuki was adapted by dramatists. In Sanskrit dramas the person is a minor character carrying on the functions mentioned above. This would mean that the character of kanchuki would be only seen in higher types of drama involving the kings and queens. The kanchuki is always soft spoken and precise in expression, and not vivacious like some other characters, such as

Copper Ring Benefits In Hindu Religion

Copper ring is widely used by Hindus. It is believed to change luck and control various diseases. Many people have found numerous benefits after wearing copper ring. Copper is highly held in Hindu religion and it is part of many important pujas and rituals. Here is a look some of the important copper ring benefits. Ring here refers to those worn on fingers   of both hands and legs. Copper ring improves immunity power of the human body. Copper ring is suggested as a solution for various types of ailments related to stomach. Helps in purification of the blood. Skin shows remarkable improvement. Good for people who are suffering from various skin ailments. Controlling blood pressure. Helps in avoiding physical and mental stress. It has been proved that copper ring helps in controlling anger. It is good in anger management.