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Saptashrungi Mata – About Goddess Shakti Worshiped At Saptashrungi

Mother Goddess Shakti Worshiped at Saptashrungi Shaktipeeth (65 kilometers from Nashik in Maharashtra) is known as Adi Maya. It is another form of Mother Goddess Durga. Saptashrungi Mata, this fierce form of Mother Goddess Shakti, is believed to have annihilated demon Mahishasura. The goddess worshipped at Saptashrungi Temple is also known as Brahma Swaroopini as she came out of the Kamandalu of Brahma. The Mother Goddess here is a combination of Goddess Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. The murti, which was hidden for millions of years, was discovered by shepherd who went in search of honey. The murti of Goddess is seen in a niche carved in a rock. It is about 2.5 meters high with 18 arms. The arms hold various weapons given to Goddess Durga by various Gods – Vishnu’s discus, Shiva’s trident, Indra’s thunderbolt, Yama’s staff, noose of Varuna and so on. The murti is depicted as riding on a lion. A unique aspect of the murti of Mother Goddess is that it i

End of Balarama – How Balram Died? - Elder Brother of Sri Krishna

When Sri Krishna decided to end his stay on earth, it was time for Balarama, his elder brother,  too to depart. How Balarama died is mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavata Purana. When Dwapara Yuga was coming to an end, Sri Krishna decided to put an end to his avatar. Soon Dharma (righteousness) started disappearing and it was replaced by Adharma. Yadavas, who were into merrymaking and wanton lifestyle, dressed up Samba as a pregnant woman and decided to mock the Rishis. They approached the rishis and asked them whether the woman would give birth to a girl or boy. The Rishis could not tolerate the behavior of the Yadavas and cursed them that he would give birth to an iron pillar, which would destroy the Yadava clan. Shamba soon gave birth to an iron pillar. King Ugrasena asked the iron pillar to be powdered and thrown into the sea. But the powder reached the shores and turned into iron reeds and which eventually led to the death of the Yadavas. Balarama who witnessed

Brahmadanda in Hinduism - The Powerful Stick of Brahma That Can Destroy The Universe

Brahmadanda is a staff (stick) which belongs to Lord Brahma. A Brahmastra can only be stopped by a Brahmadanda. It must be noted that the term Brahmadanda is also used to refer to the staff in the hands of an ascetic or a Sage. The power and strength of the Sage is concentrated in the staff. Legend has it that Vishwamitra had used several arrows against Sage Vasishta including the famous Brahmastra. But all the arrows were destroyed by the Brahmadanda. Brahmadanda has the power to stop any weapon. The spinal column is known as Brahmadanda in Yoga. Among human beings, today it is associated with the various sticks carried by ascetics. There is also a popular belief that a Guru never imparts the knowledge of Brahmadanda that he has gained directly from Brahma. It is believed that Guru Dronacharya had the knowledge of Brahmadanda and he did not teach it to his son, Ashwathama, and his favorite disciple, Arjuna. The reason for it is that the power of Brahmadanda c

Diwali and Christmas – Differences and Similarities

Diwali and Christmas are two of the important festivals in India. Here are some of the differences and similarities. Both Christmas and Diwali are a religious festival. Diwali marks the return of Bhagavan Sri Ram, Mata Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman to Ayodhya after 14-year exile period. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christmas is observed on a fixed date (December 25). Diwali is based on lunar calendar and is usually observed on the no moon day (Amavasya) falling during the second fortnight of october or the first fortnight of november. If Christmas is synonymous for cakes, then Diwali is synonymous for sweets. Gifts are exchanged in both Diwali and Christmas. However, in Diwali there is no figure like Christmas father (Santa Claus). Lighting arrangements are part of both the festival. Diwali lamps (diyas) are lit during the period. During Christmas, it is stars. The lamps lit during diwali are traditional and made using natural materials like clay, oil

Important Pujas In Hinduism Will Not Get You Desired Results When These Five Items Are Not Offered

In Hinduism, people often complain about pujas being not effective. The real reason for this is that in pujas they do not make the offering of five important items. Apart from diya and flowers these items are essential. The five items are: Milk Curd Ghee Honey Misri (Rock Candy or Kalkandam) (instead of misri you can use sugarcane juice). The five items are together known as Panchamrit. It is widely believed that the puja is incomplete if the five items are not part of the offering. The reason is that three items– milk, curd, and ghee – are provided by the cow, which is the abode of various gods and goddesses. Honey is a natural and pure offering. So too is rock candy or sugarcane juice. When these five combine, it becomes Amrit – elixir, that which can purify and give rebirth. Not just the above said five items, all puja ingredients should be natural. Unnatural items should not be part of puja. Please note that the above said items are not to be included

Arrival of Certain Uninvited People At Home in Hinduism - Symbolic Meaning Of Sudden Appearance Uninvited Guests

Guests are equal to God in Hinduism. Here is the symbolic meaning of various types of uninvited guests arriving at home in Hindu religion. There is a belief by many Hindus that sudden arrival of uninvited people at home predicts future. Napunsak (Kinnar or Hijra), Transgende r – Such individuals bring the luck of Budh Graha. They help in alleviating diseases, bad luck and court cases. This is the reason why a transgender should never be allowed to return empty-handed. Handicapped Beggar – Solution to Rahu related problems in the horoscope of the people in the house. Aged (old) Beggar – Solution to problems related to finance, education and children. Someone Comes Asking For Oil – It means the people in the family will get relief from Shani Grah related problems. Sanyasi – If Sanyasi or saint comes then it means your luck is going to change. Unmarried Girl Wearing White Cloth And Coming To Home – This is considered highly auspicious. It means peace will retu

Samaveda Quotes - A Collection Of Sama Veda Teachings

Sama Veda is one of the four Vedas in Hinduism. Samaveda consists of chants and prayers. This is a collection of important teachings and quotes from the Samaveda. Agnir Vrittraani Janghanad (Verse 4) Agni (fire) destroys the demons (vritras). Agni implies ‘knowledge’ and Vritta 'darkness of ignorance'. Just as Agni destroys the darkness, in the same manner we should use 'the fire of knowledge' for the destruction of Kama (lust), Krodh (anger), Moha (attachments) and Ahamkara (arrogance) – the five inherent enemies of man. The fire of knowledge is capable of destroying these enemies. Ignorance (darkness) can be destroyed by knowledge of self. Agne! Nah Drishe Devah Hi Asi (Verse 10) Agni is the deity, who shows us the (right) path. Agni is known for his capability to annihilate darkness. As soon as there is light, darkness vanishes and as a result the surroundings become clearly visible. It shows us the right path when it is dark. So, quite rightly Agni