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Seeing fights in Dream – Fighting with Other People in Dream – Meaning and Interpretation

Seeing fights in dream or seeing oneself fighting with other people in dream is very common. It is also mentioned in Hindu texts that analyses and study dreams and pronounces its interpretation.  Seeing fights in dream is considered positive. As per interpretation, such dreams suggest that the person will attain happiness in near future. It is an indication that the person is fighting against inner demons that are keeping him or her unhappy. It is also believed that arguing etc in dream is a sort of awakening to reality. It is a kind of push for us to wake up in the real world and not to be submissive. It must be noted that majority of the dreams have no meaning as quite often what you see in dream is about a major incident that happened on the day.

Ponnambalamedu Hill – About Ponnambalamedu Temple Associated With Sabarimala

Ponnambalamedu Hill is located around four kilometers from the famous Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple at an altitude of 3839 ft. The famous Makaravilakku is lit at Ponnambalamedu on January 14 or 15 and this marks the end of the annual Sabarimala Mandala Makaravilakku pilgrimage. There is a popular belief that Lord Parshuram had built a temple in the hill and this was known as Ponnambalamedu Temple. Ponnambalamedu means ‘hill of the golden temple.’ The name is derived from the Malayalam words Ponnu (gold), ambalam (temple), medu (hill). Legend has it that Lord Parshuram had built a temple here dedicated to Ayyappa. It is the Adhi Moolasthanam – or the original abode of Lord Ayyappa. He also made a pond named Seethakulam here. The shrine was created after Ayyappa annihilated Mahishi and Dharma was restored on earth. As per belief, the murti of Lord installed here was Poorna Pushkala Sametha Maha Sastha. The area was then known as Sreemoolam Kavu. It is believed that the original t

Varaha Narasimha Swamy Story

The story of Varaha Narasimha Swamy is associated with the intense and unwavering devotion of Prahlad. Varaha and Narasimha are two incarnation of Srihari Vishnu. But in temples in Andhra Pradesh there are murtis with both the images of Varaha (Boar) and Narasimha (half man half lion). Vishnu had shown both the avatars in a single form to Prahlad. Hiranyaksha who had seized the earth and carried it into another region was killed by the Varaha incarnation of Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu, brother of Hiranyaksha, wanted to take revenge on Vishnu. He banned all forms of worship dedicated to Vishnu. But his son Prahlad was an ardent devotee of Vishnu. Hiranyakasipu tried all means to change the ways of Prahlad but he failed. Finally he decided to annihilate Prahlad. He tried numerous means to kill Prahlad but each time Vishnu came to the rescue of the young boy. Hiranyakasipu once ordered soldiers to throw Prahlad into sea and place a mountain on the spot so that he can never e

Quotes and Teachings of Mother Meera

Mother Meera is a modern Hindu philosopher and guru who directs devotees on the path of enlightenment. This is a collection of quotes and teachings of Mother Meera. The sources are mostly magazines, internet, websites and online audio videos.  People can help by receiving the Light and letting it change them. They should be peaceful and harmonious. To be harmonious means to be whole; to love others and to enjoy your life; to respect the dignity of others; to know yourself and your difficulties and to work with them so you become free and are able to help others. Humility brings harmony. A humble person is integrated with reality and is happy, because humility brings happiness. When you are open, the Divine can pour itself into you. When you are changed, the Divine can work through you. People suffer a great deal in life without knowing why. When there is Grace, you are helped to know why and to change. The greatest pain is ignorance. When the pain is clear, you ca