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Meaning and Symbolism in Five Face of Hanuman – Panchmukhi Hanuman in Hindu Religion

Panchmukhi Hanuman is the rare five-face form of Hanuman. He appeared in this form of annihilate Ahiravana who had taken Ram and Lakshman to the netherworld or patala. There is deep symbolism and meaning attached to the five face of Hanuman especially in tantric puja. Each face of Panchmukhi Hanuman have three eyes. This form has ten hands. 9 hands hold various weapons. One hand is in blessing posture. Direction of the Five Face of Panchmukhi Hanuman  Varaha Murti face of Panchamukhi Hanuman is faces north. The direction of Narasimha face is south. Garuda faces west. Hanuman faces east. Hayagriva looks up towards the sky. Symbolism and Power of  Each Face Panchmukhi Hanuman The east facing Hanuman destroy all kinds of enemies. This includes enemies like anger, ego, sadness, frustration etc. The west facing Garuda has the power to remove all kinds of difficulties in the life of a devotee. The north facing Varaha blesses a devotee with long life, good he

As Per Hindu Scriptures Man Should Not Have Sex with These Women

Like all religious scriptures, Hindu Scriptures were also written by men and therefore everything is seen from the point of view of men. Dharma Shastras and epics give hint regarding sexual life. Although not directly mentioned as per Hindu scriptures man should not have sex with the following women. Unmarried woman – man can approach her only after marrying her. Widow – man can approach her only after marrying her. Woman who is under vow of Brahmacharya – A man should never approach a women who is under religious vow. Wife of friend Wife of enemy Wife of teacher Sex is not allowed with women in the family with whom the man has a blood relation. Sex without the permission and consent of the woman is Tamasic or Rakshasa - Adharma - anyone following Dharma can kill a person violating a woman.

Ek Hathiya Deval Temple in Uttarakhand – Worship is Not Offered in This Shiva Temple

Ek Hathiya Deval Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva but worship is not offered in this Shiva Temple. The temple is located at Baltir Village around 70 km from Pithoragarh. The shrine got the name Ek Hathiya Temple because the temple was constructed in a night with a single hand by a sculptor who had lost his one hand. Ek hath means one hand. The Shivling in the temple is carved out of the mountain. No puja and archana is offered in the temple. Devotees merely have darshan of the Shivling. The temple door is on the west. The height of main mandap is 1.85 meter and the breadth is 3.15 meter. Story of Ek Hathiya Deval Temple in Uttarakhand There lived a sculpture in the region and he was famous for carving sculptures and building temples. Once he lost a hand in an accident. The sculpture continued with is work but the villagers of the region stopped giving him work. An angry sculpture decided to leave the village but before leaving the village, he carved a temple

Do Not Push Your Child Hard – You Are Breaking Them Forever

The pressure to reach high in life and to be as per the definition of success defined by family and society creates only stress, depression and anxiousness. It destroys lives and those that cannot bear the pressure commit suicide. Parents put pressure on children by comparing them with others. They appreciate other high achievers and compare their children with them. From Kindergarten, children are thrown into a pressure cooker environment. They carry the burden of a high level of expectations. They struggle silently. They start to hide their feelings. Poor souls cannot even communicate a real health issue – parents and teachers seeing this as faking to stop going to school and studying. Children are pushed to get good marks and become toppers. Children should top the class; nothing else is good enough for parents. No one is bothered and concerned about the mental health of the toppers and achievers in schools. Stress, sadness, anxiety, and pressure these children go