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Japa and Mantra in Tantra – The Science of Mantra in Brief

In Tantra, as in Yoga, japa always involves the repetition of a string of words, known as a mantra. A mantra is best received by an aspirant from a preceptor guru in a ceremony called Diksha (initiation). Once an aspirant receives a mantra, and is thus initiated, the mantra is expected to be recited regularly till the attainment of the goal of the spiritual discipline. Outwardly, a mantra is just a string of words having a particular order and repeated in a particular manner. Science of Mantra in Brief The science of mantra is based on the presupposition that the world of experience, including individuals, things, objects, and happenings or events, is nothing apart from one single basic reality, that of Brahman. In its original state Brahman is nirguna (unmanifest). From it’s the manifest universe evolves. Transcendental sound is called Sabda Brahma. The evolution of Sabda Brahma proceeds in two ways. It gives rise to sabda (sound) in the form of spand

Kaliadaha Ghat – A Demon Serpent Kaliya Stayed Here in Yamuna River

Kalidaha is a famous spot associated with Bhagavan Srikrishna on the banks of Yamuna River in Vrindavan, Mathura. Kaliadaha is a small pit on the bank of Yamuna River and the demon serpent Kaliya stayed here with his family. Daha is a small cavity or pool of water, which is exceptionally deep. Kaliya Serpent polluted the entire Yamuna River by emitting toxic vapors. The poison killed trees, plants, herbs, birds, reptiles and other animals which depended on the waters from Yamuna. Little Krishna who realized that the presence of the Kaliya was making Yamuna poisonous decided to get rid of the serpent. On the pretense of retrieving a ball accidentally thrown into the part of the river, Krishna jumped into Kalidaha. There he fought and defeated the demon snake Kaliya. When the wives of Kaliya intervened, Krishna pardoned the serpent on the condition that he will leave Yamuna and live far away from other living beings.

Why I want To Be a Hindu? – Always – In All Births I Want To Be Born into the Cradle of Hinduism

Without an iota of doubt, in all my births I want to be born into Hinduism. Why I want to be a Hindu? It is a celebration of the freedom to know the unknown. The complete freedom it gives me to search, know and find God. Hindu religion is not forced into a few hundred pages of a book. It is an open book filled with the experience of God Seekers and the beauty of the book is that it is never-ending. Each minute a true seeker is adding his/her experience into the book. I am proud to be part of the living religion – Hinduism. Sanatana Dharma is what is now called Hinduism. It is an unbroken tradition of spiritual discipline which is not only ancient but also eternal and relevant to changing times. The beauty of Hindu Dharma is that it professes several alternatives that can comfortably suit different people who seek supreme divinity rather than prescribe the same path for all. Thus it provides space for all and accommodates a place of dignity and divinity carved out for each one. It is