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Chausath Yogini Names in English and Hindi – Names of 64 Yoginis

As per tradition, the 64 Yoginis (Chausath Yogini) served Goddess Kali and the Bhairav form of Shiva. Yoginis were part of the battles waged by Goddess Kali to restore Dharma. You can read the names of Chausath Yogini in Hindi and English below. The names of 64 Yoginis have been translated from Hindi.   बहुरूपा – Bahurupa   तारा – Tara   नर्मदा – Narmada   यमुना – Yamuna   शांति – Shanti     वारुणी – Varuni   क्षेमकरी – Shemkari   ऐन्द्री – Aindri     वाराही – Varahi   रणवीरा – Ranveera   वानरमुखी – Vanarmukhi   वैष्णवी – Vaishnavi   कालरात्रि – Kalaratri     वैद्यरूपा – Vaidyaroopa   चर्चिका – Charchika     बेताली – Betali     छिनमास्तिका – Chinnamastika   वृषभानना – Vrishabanana   ज्वाला कामिनी – Jwala Kamini   घटवारा – Khatwara करकाली – Karkali   सरस्वती – Saraswati   बिरूपा – Biroopa   कौबेरी – Kobeeri    भालुका – Bhaluka     नारसिंही – Narasimhi     बिराजा – Viraja     विकटानन – Viktanan     महालक्ष्मी – Mahalakshmi

Monday Mantra – Somvar Mantra for Financial Success – Progress in Business

Somvar, Monday, in Hinduism is dedicated to Shiva. Mahadev Shiva can be easily pleased. He is Bholenath who will grant the wishes of his ardent devotees. Here is a mantra to be chanted on Somvar for financial success and progress in Business. How to Chant Somvar Mantra? The mantra should be chanted after taking both early in the morning along with sunrise. First offer prayers to Ganesha. Then offer prayers to Shiva by offering lamp, dhoop, chandan, white flowers and a fruit. Then chant the following mantra Monday Mantra: मन्दारमालांकलितालकायै कपालमालांकितशेखराय। दिव्याम्बरायै च दिगम्बराय नम : शिवायै च नम : शिवाय।। Chant the mantra 21 times for 16 Mondays On the last Monday, feed cow with roti (chapathi). Plant a tree and take care of it. Donate clothes to young children.

Materialism and Problems of Today

Materialism and Problems of Today is an extract from an article written and published by Swami Jagadatmananda in Prabuddha Bharata Magazine January 2006 Issue. Industrial Revolution Ever since James Watt ushered in the Industrial Revolution with his invention of the steam engine in 1790, science has advanced so much that it has changed the culture and civilization of the whole world. Politics, economics, and even religion, have all been immensely influenced by science. Science in Wrong Hands Prof. Maurice Wilkins, who won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1962, admitted in an interview that ‘about half the world’s scientists and engineers are engaged in war programs.' Physicist Fritjof Capra writes: ‘We have piled up tens of thousands of nuclear weapons; enough to destroy the entire world several times.’ Spirituality Answer to Materialism ‘Materialism and all its miseries can never be conquered by materialism’, said Swami Vivekananda. More than a hundred years