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Holi with Ashes of the Dead in Varanasi – Holi with Pyre Ash at Kashi Manikarnika Cremation Ghat

Holi with ashes of the dead in Varanasi is observed in Phalgun month, couple of days before Dhulandi or Holi with colors. It is held at the famous Manikarnika Cremation Ghat in Kashi. In 2020, it will be held on March 26. This unique Holi in Banaras is played with ' chita bhasma' (ashes from pyres) and red gulals amid the burning pyres. The tradition is mentioned in the Skanda Purana and other scriptures. The tradition of playing holi amidst burning pyres is a very ancient tradition. Symbolically it proves that death is not fearful, and dying in Banaras means attaining moksha.  Manikarnika Cremation Ghat Holi is also believed to be the Holi of Shiva ganas, who missed the chance to celebrate Holi with him on Rangbhari Ekadashi day. Holi in Varanasi begins on Rangbhari Ekadashi. The belief is that Shiva and Goddess Parvati comes back to home after their divine wedding on the Rangbhari Ekadasi and this ritual is known as Gauna. The very next day Shiva goe

Bhang the Drink that Adds Zest to Holi

For many Holi is not just a festival of colors but an occasion to revel in ‘Bhang ki Thandai.’ Bhang is made from the leaves of Hemp and is considered to be the least intoxicating of the cannabis preparations in India . But is capable of giving a high for the entire day and is sold openly during Holi festival. Bhang ki Thandai is also given as a prasad in certain temples during the festivals. The Bhang usually comes in two varieties – capsule, dried Bhang leaves and dried plant. The capsules or golis are added to ice cream, sweets, paan etc. The dried plant or leaves is soaked in water and then it is cleaned and finally grounded on a stone slab to get the paste which is taken along with Badam milk or any sweet preparation. The sweet and the Bhang are considered to a highly potent combination and is said to give a real high. Therefore many revelers wait for Holi to get intoxicated in public. For fun, many people are also fed bhang mixed drinks and sweets without their

Chandanayika – About Goddess Chandanayika

Chandanayika is a fierce manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is closely associated with Goddess Durga and is invoked during Durga Puja. She is rarely mentioned in Puranas. But she is counted among a group of Navdurgas. She is a tantric deity and invoked for victory over enemies. She is also propitiated for good harvest and for early cure of various diseases. How to Worship Goddess Chandanayika? She is offered prayers mainly on Tuesday and during Ashtami tithi (the eighth day during the waning phase of moon). Wear red color dress and performing the puja facing east. Create a mental picture of Goddess in the mind. Light lamp using mustard oil and opt for two wicks. Offer red color flowers. Offer red chandan (sandalwood paste). Offer Kumkum. The sweet on the day should be prepared using rice. Benefits of Chandanayika Worship Desire fulfilment. Victory over enemies. Work that was abandoned or facing problems due to unknown reasons can be restarted

Hanuman And Lankini - The Warrior Maiden In Lanka

Lankini, the warrior maiden, was the guardian of Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana . Hanuman was stopped by Lankini when He attempted to enter the golden palace of Ravana . Lankini never slept and she guarded the palace day and night. As per Hindu tradition, Lankini was once the guardian of the abode of Brahma. As she guarded the home of the creator, Brahma, she was arrogant about her powers and status. This made her hot-headed and egoistic. She treated others in the palace with contempt and finally she was cursed by Brahma for her arrogance. Brahma cursed her to guard the city of demons. Soon Lankini realized her mistake and asked for pardon. Brahma gave her the boon that she will escape from the curse when a monkey will defeat her. Hanuman was eager to find Mata Sita and this is when Lankini stopped him. Lankini was huge figure with red protruding huge eyes and huge weapons. An impatient Hanuman did not want to fight Lankini and waste His time. So Hanuman grew in siz

Beam in House as per Vastu – Good or Bad

Beam in house is not good as per vastu because your energy flow will be disturbed due to iron content in it. Sitting, sleeping and working under the bead causes serious problems as per Vastu Shastra. Problems due to beam in house Lethargy Irritability Fights in home Lack of energy Mental disturbances Negative thoughts Difficulties How to overcome the problems due to beam in house? Avoid sitting, sleeping and doing important work in the house under the beam. Hang bamboo flutes from the two sides of the beam. Completely cover the beam using false ceiling made using wood. Ancient Hindu Homes In ancient times, Hindus built home only using natural materials - mud, wood, stone and leaves of trees.  It is said that before cutting a tree for construction purpose special pujas were held. Permission was taken from the tree and from all the animals residing on the tree. Modern construction involves all kinds of materials that makes life difficult. 

Sleep in Ayurveda – How To Sleep Properly?

How to sleep properly as per Ayurveda? Peaceful Time Hours Before Sleep Spend time away from work and stressful interactions in the hours before sleep. Use the time for bonding, good relationships, enjoyment, and appreciation. Bring inner light into your environment after sunset. The Ayurvedic prescriptions for a healthy night routine involve a fruitful end of the day and preparations for the night ahead, including meals, relationships, preparation for the next day, and sleep. Amount of Sleep Each person needs a different amount of sleep. That amount differs slightly based on how the day’s events stressed the body. Emotional traumas, violence, and anger require more time in sleep. People with heavier bodies, or with toxins in their bodies, need more time in sleep. Vastu and Sleep Never sleep with the crown of the head facing north. The alignment of the chakras has its own flow and should not be in alignment with the magnetic field of the earth. When you sleep with th