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Somaskanda – Murti or Idol of Shiva, Murugan and Parvathi – Symbolic Meaning of Somaskanda Murti

Somaskanda stands for Shiva with Uma and Skanda. In the Somaskanda murti (or idol), Muruga, or Skanda son of Shiva and Uma (Parvati), stand between the divine couple. Symbolically, this unique murti extols the importance of family life and the importance of child in marriage. There are numerous other symbolic meaning attached to this unique murti – some scholars are of the view that the three divine figures seated together represent sat, chit and ananda. Another symbolic meaning suggest that the figures represent Iccha-Shakti, Kriya-Shakti and Jnana-Shakti respectively. Again Shiva in the company of Uma and Skanda symbolizes universal parentage. In his famous literary work of Kumarasambhavam, Kalidasa, suggests that the divine couple is the Father and Mother of the World and Muruga their son. According to Shaivite rituals, a devotee must worship both Shiva and Uma together to receive the maximum amount of blessings. The figure of Smaskanda is

Why Hindu God Shiva Sits On a Tiger Skin? – The Story of Why Siva Wears a Tiger Skin

One of the most popular images of Hindu god Shiva is that of him sitting on a tiger skin. Another popular image is that of him wearing a tiger skin or he walks with a tiger skin wrapped around him. Symbolically, the tiger skin suggests that Shiva is the controller of all powers in the world. There is an interesting story in the Shiva Puran that mentions how Shiva came to sit on a tiger skin or why he wears it. Shiva used to wander around the world as a bare-bodied sage. Once he reached a forest which was home to several powerful saints. The saints lived there with their wives in their ashrams. The wives of the saints were attracted to the young bare-bodied Shiva – although he remained unaware of their presence. But the wives could not concentrate on their daily routine and this led to many miss-happenings in the ashrams. When the saints realized that the reason for the waywardness of their wives was the young bare-bodied sage, they decided to teach him a lesson. The sai

Desire And Fear – A Deadly Cocktail That Makes Life Miserable

Why are we busy? We are busy because we are fulfilling our desires. So when can we be not busy? We cannot because there is no end to the desires. How about if we cut down our desires to the bare minimum? Nope, still I will be busy because of the fear of future. Desire and fear is a deadly cocktail that makes life on earth miserable. True happiness can only be achieved when we defeat our desires and our fears. ......... In Kali Yuga, Guru is not required for self-realization. Bhakti (intense devotion) and the Bhagavad Gita can take us to our destination. When we are filled with pure devotion and are devoid of any selfish motives, we will have communion with the Supreme Truth. ......... If love and connection disappear because of time or distance, know it to be fake or unreal. The connection at the level of the soul cannot be disconnected by distance and time. ......... Being simple for the sake of being simple with a big ego is of no use. Be simple by accepting the