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Get Blessing of Kuber – Lord of Money and Wealth – on Shivratri with This Mantra

If you are facing money and wealth related problems in life, then as per Hindu astrology Shivratri is the ideal time to propitiate Lord Kuber – the treasurer of Devas – the guardian of all money and wealth on earth. Below is the mantra to chant on Shivratri. The Kuber Shiva Mantra श्रीं यं यक्षस्वरूपाय नमः शिवाय यं श्रीं Shreem Yam Yaksharoopaya Namah: Shivaya Yam Shreem How to Chant Kuber Shiva Mantra on Shivratri? Take bath and wear white color dress. Offer prayers to Ganesha. Do the puja when there is Chaturdashi Tithi during Pradosh period on Shivratri. Chaturdashi is the fourteenth day during the waxing or waning phase of moon. Perform the puja before a white shivling – if it is not available then you can imagine the Shivling in mind and do puja. Light lamp using cow ghee. Offer uncooked rice. Red color flowers. Offer bhasma. Offer white color sweet. After puja give this to a cow. Keep a piece of gold, silver and iron near the lamp or Shivling.

How To Do Simple Shiva Puja At Home?

Puja to Hindu God Shiva can be performed at home. It is really simple and anyone can perform it. Prayers can be offered to photo or painting of Shiva. Another option is to perform puja to Shivling. Shivling can also be prepared immediately for puja using camphor, turmeric, mud, clay or flowers. You can also do it without murti (idol), painting or shivling by just remembering Shiva in mind. Simple Shiva Puja At Home All pujas begin after purification ritual – this includes bathing, cleaning the puja area etc. Choose a quiet and clean place to perform the puja. Wear white color dress. Perform the puja facing north. First pray to Ganesha to help in the successful completion of the puja. Light a lamp before the murti of Shiva and offer prayers. Offer water Offer white color flowers or bilva leaves. Offer uncooked rice. Offer a fruit. Later you can eat it or give it to a cow. Touch the feet of the Shiva murti or painting and take blessings. If murti is not there

Yuga Purusha Concept of Lord Vishnu

Yugua Purusha concept of Lord Vishnu is found in certain Puranas and Vaishnava scriptures. As Yuga Purusha, Vishnu is the lord of time. Lord Brahma divided Vishnu into the four ages or yugas. The four yugas are Krita, Treta, Dwapara and Kali. The four Yugas constitute a Kalpa. As per this concept, everything in this universe is a part of Vishnu including time and space.

Career Problems and New Job – Hanuman Mantra and Puja to Solve Career Problems

If you are facing career problems and are searching for a new job and not getting one, then the best option is to take refuge in Sankat Mochan Hanuman. Chanting Hanuman mantra and offer prayers and puja on Tuesday helps in solving all career problems. It is also an ideal solution to those looking for a new job. You can read the Hanuman Mantra and puja process below: On a Tuesday, take bath and wear red color dress. Offer prayers to Ganesha in mind. Light a lamp using sesame oil or cow ghee and offer prayers to Hanuman. Visit a Hanuman Temple in the morning or evening. Offer 9 Bundi Laddu as Prasad to Hanuman. Later share it with children. Take a leaf of peepal tree. Write your job or career related problem in it using red or kesar color and keep it at the feet of Hanuman. Sit in a peaceful place in the temple and chant the mantra ॐ पिंगाक्षाय नमः 108 times. To keep count you can use a rudraksha mala.