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Shivratri Shivling Abhishek – Benefits and Various Offerings

Numerous things are offered as abhishek (poured) on Shivling on Shivratri day. The best offering would be a drop of water and bilva leaf and the firm decision that – I would follow dharma. But again this is Kali Yuga and people want to offer various items for desire fulfillments. Here are the list of puja items and benefits of performing Shivling abhishek on Shivratri with each of the item: Itr or Ithar (Perfume or other scented water) – For fulfillment of materialistic desires like new house, television, mobile, car, bike etc. This is also offered for getting strength to keep the mind in control with good thoughts. Sugarcane Juice – It is poured on Shivling for solving wealth related problems and for good luck in lottery. Honey – Abhishek with honey is performed for the good health and long life of spouse. This is also performed for curing speech related issues. Cow Ghee – This offered for begetting healthy and intelligent children. Mustard Oil – To achieve v

Change Bad Luck to Good Luck on Shivratri with These Simple Changes

Worship on Maha Shivratri helps in changing bad luck to good luck. There are some simple procedures and changes that you can do on Shivratri to change your fortune. Here are some of them: On Shivratri day, draw Swastik using Kumkum and write Shubh Labh near the front door of the house, business establishments and shops. To get rid of negative forces and to solve Vastu Dosha sprinkle water mixed salt on all corners of the house. Offer worship to Shiva and Ganesha on Shivratri day on the north side of the house and shop.  No black colored items should be used on the Shivratri day. Do not wear black color dress. Keep the house neat and clean. Remove all waste and junk before the Shivratri day.

Three Rudraksha Beads Naturally Joined – Trijuti Rudraksha

Trijuti, or Tribhagi, is three naturally joined Rudrakshas to form a single Rudraksha. It is found very rarely and such Rudraksha is also known as Gauri Paath or Brahma Vishnu Mahesh. It is said that only two to three Trijuit Rudraksha bead appear in the market for sale and prices of it are around Rupees 250,000. The rarity of the Trijuti bead has created a thriving fake market for it. You will find numerous online sites selling Trijuti beads and even a Rudraksha bead expert cannot find the difference between the fake and real. Fresh and expert methods are used to join three beads to make Trijuti. In rare instances, Gauri Shankar bead (two naturally joined beads) is attached artificially to create a Trijuti. The ideal method to distinguish between a real and fake Trijuti bead is to boil it in water for 1 to 2 hours. If the joint is artificially created, then it will change in color. Natural joint remains the same even after boiling. (Read this post for more detai

Chess had its Origin in India and the Oldest Reference in the Ramayana

Even though it is widely accepted that the game of Chess had its origin in India , there are some people who would like to say, ‘the origin of Chess is lost in antiquity.’ Writing on the topic of Origin of Chess, Viswanathan Anand, Indian chess grandmaster and the current World No.1 player categorically states that chess comes from India . In the article titled ‘The Indian Defense’ in Time , Anand says that he has heard the ownership of chess being claimed by Russians, Chinese, Ukrainians, Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Spaniards and Greeks. Anand says that there is no doubt that the oldest reference of Chess is found in ancient Indian texts like the Ramayana, which was orally transmitted between 750 BC and 500 BC. He indicates that Chess was invented by Ravana, the king of Lanka, to play with his wife Mandodari. But the inventor was thoroughly defeated by his first opponent, Mandodari, according to Anand. The world’s oldest political treatise, Arthashastra, written in 3rd