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Shanti Parihara – Remedial Measure to Overcome Horoscope Related Problems

In Hindu religion, Shani Parihara is the remedial measures adopted to overcome bad effects created in life by the negative positions of planets in a horoscope. Navgrahas or planets occupy a favorable or unfavorable position in a horoscope depending on our previous karma. There are mainly three types of Shanti Parihara: Performing homa or yajna Dana or donations Visiting temples, sacred places and taking bath in sacred rivers and sacred water bodies. The other Shanti Pariharas are Yantra Mantra Tantra Gemstones – wearing of Navratnas In Yantra, a person wears or keeps at home or workplace a two or three-dimensional representation of mantras or mystic syllables. The mantra is chanting the beej mantras and other prayers dedicated to various deities. Tantra involves complicated procedures performed by an adept practitioner. Shanti Parihara is usually performed on the birthday or on death anniversary. It can be performed at home, temple, sacred place or on the

These Bad Omens in Home Signal Financial Problems as Per Hindu Beliefs

As per Hindu beliefs, certain bad omens and accidents in home signal soon to appear financial problems. Recurring of certain accidents and falls in home is an indication that there will money related problems in near future. Leaking water tap in the house. Broken mirror. Container of oil falling down and oil floating. Vessel with mustards seeds accidently falling down and spreading on floor. Leaking house. Loss of gold ornaments. Constant fight among family members. Clock which is not working. Photos, idols and painting of Gods and Goddess, which are not maintained and are filled with dust. Coins falling down repeatedly. Collecting junk in home. You should make sure that the above said things do not happen in your home.