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How is Kunti Related to Sri Krishna in the Mahabharata?

In the Mahabharata, Kunti is the wife of Pandu of Hastinapura and the mother of Pandavas. But she is also directly related to Bhagavan Sri Krishna in the Mahabharata. Kunti is also a Yadava. Kunti is the sister of Vasudeva, father of Sri Krishna. This is one of the reasons why Sri Krishna constantly helps and looks after the welfare of the Pandavas. Kunti, also known as Pritha, is the daughter of Shoora of the Yadavas. A son of Shoora is Vasudeva, whose sons are Balarama and Krishna. Thus Balram and Sri Krishna are nephews of Kunti. She was given away when just a child to her father’s childless friend Kuntibhoja. She grew up as the daughter of Kuntibhoja. This is how she gets the name Kunti. He real name is Pritha - large-eyed.

Do Not Make Shani Angry – Avoid Doing These Activities

Shiva has given the authority to Shani to decide the fate of a living being on earth depending on the living being’s activity on earth. According to the popular Lal Kitab, a popular astrology reference book, one should not make Shani Bhagwan angry. A person should avoid doing these activities. Avoid being greedy. Do not hurt living beings for selfish gains. You should not take gift made of iron or leather from anyone including friends, relatives and family members. If you are under the influence of Shani Dasha then you should not eat non-vegetarian food and drink alcohol.  Follow Dharma

He Who Knows Ultimate Reality Sees Himself In God And Sees All In God – The Message of The East

When we have subdued our passions and freed ourselves from all doubts and prejudice, the light of Truth will burst on our hearts in all its divine effulgence and purity. He who knows the Ultimate Reality, after having become quiet, subdued, satisfied, patient and collected, sees himself in God, sees all in God. Evil does not overcome him, he overcomes all evil. Murudeshwara Temple, Karnataka Free from evil, free from stain, free from doubt, he becomes a true God-knower. He then penetrates into the illimitable realm of truth and realizes the supreme fact that to know God is not only possible for the spirit of man, but is its consummation and eternal life. The sphere of religion then becomes, to quote the lofty words of Hegel: “A region in which the spirit rids itself of its finiteness and relates itself to that which is unlimited and infinite; where its attitude is no longer that of dependence but of freedom; and where the individual has no longer to do with himself, hi