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Goddess Masani Amman – Story and History of Goddess Masani Amman

Goddess Masani Amman is a popular deity worshipped in certain regions in South India. Story and history of Goddess Masani Amman is one of repression. Legend has it that during the Sangam Era, a cruel ruler named Nannan ruled over Anaimalai which was then known as Nannanur.

The ruler had large mango plantation and had appointed guards to protect them. He had proclaimed that he would kill any person who trespassed into the mango plantation.
A young woman was once bathing in the River Aliyar and happened to see a mango floating in the water. She grabbed it. This was noticed by the guards who took her into custody and produced before the king.
The father of the young girl offered to give the king a golden mango. But the king did not relent. The father then offered an image made of gold equal to the weight of her daughter by way of compensation together with 81 elephants. This also was not acceptable to the ruler.
The king ordered her to be beheaded.
People of the region who came to know…

Chhattisgarh Lunar Eclipse Time on August 7, 2017 – Chandra Grahan time in Raipur on August 7, 2017

A partial lunar eclipse, or Chandra Grahan, will be visible in Chhattisgarh on August 7, 2017. The Chandra Grahan will be visible in Raipur, Bhilai, Raigarh and other towns from 10:53 PM on August 7 to 12:48 AM on August 8, 2017 – as per Indian standard time.
The Grahan takes place during the night to midnight and it is visible to the naked eye.
Those Hindus following Grahan fasting and rituals need to follow it.

All temples will remain closed 9 hours before the grahan and will only open next day morning after pujas and purification rituals.

Raksha Bandhan rituals should be finished 9 hours before the start of Grahan.
Detail Timing of partial Lunar Eclipse in Chhattisgarh Eclipse begins 10:53 PM on August 7 Mid Eclipse is at 11:50 PM on August 7 Eclipse ends at 12:48 AM on August 8, 2017

Bheemana Amavasya Vrata – Bheema Ammavasai in Karnataka

Bhima Ammavasi, also known as Jyoti Bheemeshwara Vratam, is an important Hindu ritual performed by women in Karnataka. In 2017, the date of Bheemana Amavasya is July 23. Bheemana Amavasi is observed on the Ammavasai, no moon day, in the Kannada month of Ashada (July – August). It is the last day of the month of Aashada. Women pray for the well being of their husbands and brothers on this day.

Jyoti Bheemeshwara Ammavasi is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Married and unmarried women and girls pray on this day for the welfare, happiness and long life of husbands, brothers and other male members in the house.
Thambittu Deepa or Thembittu lamp made from flour is made on the occasion and lit to cool all bad emotions like anger etc. A pair of lamps made using mud known as Kalikamba represents Shiva and Parvati on the day. Special pujas are done on the auspicious day to appease the divine couple.
Another important feature is the making of Kadubu. Dough balls, or Kadubus, have…

Ashwini Nakshatra Date and Time 2015 – Aswini or Ashwati Birth Star Dates in 2015

Ashwini Nakshatra 2015 dates based on traditional Hindu calendar, Astrology and Panchangam in India. Ashwini Birth Star, also read as Aswini or Ashwati, is the first Nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras. As per Hindu astrology Ashwini Nakshatra, or birth star, falls under Mesha Rashi or Aries. Mangal is the Lord of the Rasi. The lucky color of Ashwini is Blood red. The astrological predictions of this Nakshatra as per Moon Sign is that of Mesha Rasi. Here are the dates of Ashwini Nakshatra in 2015:
January 27, 2015 Time is from 11:47 AM on January 26 to 11:10 AM on January 27
February 23, 2015 Time is from 8:00 PM on February 22 to 6:35 PM on February 23
March 22, 2015 Time is from 6:30 AM on March 22 to 4:23 AM on March 23, 2015
April 19, 2015 Time is from 5:22 PM on April 18 to 3:09 PM on April 19, 2015
May 16, 2015 Time is from 2:41 AM on May 16 to 12:52 AM on May 17
June 13, 2015 Time is from 9:40 AM on June 12 to 8:25 AM on June 13
July 10, 2015 Time is from 3:07 PM on July 9 to 2:…

Virtual Tour of Dakor Temple through Photos – 360 degree view of Dakor Temple pictures

Virtual Tour of Dakor Temple is provided by the Gujarat Pavitra Yatra Dham website. You cann view the photos of the temple in 360 degrees. Dakor temple is dedicated Bhagvan Sri Krishna. He is worshiped as Ranchhodji here. There are two beautiful pictures of the temple.

You can take the virtual tour of Dakor Temple here. 

You can have the view of Dakor Gomati Ghat here. 

Baba Vishwanath Mandir – Shiva Temple at Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh

Baba Vishwanath Mandir is dedicated to Shiva and is located at Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The temple is famous for its philanthropic activities. Earlier there was a school located in the premises. Now there is a medical facility. The temple also has a hearse service of the poor.
The main Shivling worshipped in the temple is covered with silver. There is also a silver hooded Snake that provides canopy to the Shivling. The main sanctum also has murtis of Ganesha, Kartik and Goddess Parvati.
There are also murtis of Durga, Sri Ram, Lakshman, Sita and Hanuman in the temple. The Shani Dev murti in the temple attracts many devotees on Saturdays. There is also a special area dedicated to Radha and Krishna.
Navratri, Shivratri and Sri Krishna Janmashtami are the important festivals observed here.

Remember him who has created you. That is only alms I want from you - Sri Anandamayi Ma

You cannot find the Mother until the faith awakens in you that whatever the Mother does is all for the best of Her child.
Through breath energy, consciousness pervades matter. Everything that is alive breathes.
Learn to invoke Him unceasingly and with perseverance by repeating His Name until gradually He will fill your heart.
The one who is all pervading who is variously called parabrahman, paramatma or God, he verily belongs to all.
There is no case of the guru-shishya relationship if the shishya is not there. The Guru will only speak if the shishya is genuine and true.
Remember him who has created you. That is only alms I want from you. Sri Anandamayi Ma

Today’s Hindu Calendar – July 25, 2014 – Tithi, Vrat, Good Time, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festival

Tithi in Hindu Calendar on Friday, July 25, 2014 (Today) – Krishna Paksha Chaturdasi Tithi or the fourteenth day during the waning phase of moon inHindu calendar and Panchang in all places. It is Krishna Paksha Chaturdasi Tithior the fourteenth day during the waning phase of moon the entire day on July 25 and till 1:15 AM on July 26. Then onward it is Amavasya Tithi or the no moon day. All time based on India Standard Time.
Nakshatra – Ardra or Arudhara or Thiruvathira Nakshatra till 1:12 PM. Then onward it is Punarvasu or Punirtham Nakshatram.
Rashi or Moon Sign – Mithuna Rashi
Festivals, Vrat and Auspicious days – Shravan Shivratri in North India - Shiva Chaturdashi
Kali Yuga Year – 5116
Vikram Samvant 2071 – Shravan Krishna Paksha Chaturdasi Tithi or the fourteenth day during the waning phase of moon in Shravan month in North India - Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jammu and Kas…