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Varada Hasta Mudra of Hindu Gods

Varada Hasta is the pose of hands common to most Hindu Gods. One hand of majority of the murtis (idols) of Hindu Gods depicts this pose. The Varada Hasta Mudra shows the pose of the hand while conferring a boon.   Varada Hasta pose shows the palm of the left hand with the fingers pointing downward. The hand is usually exposed to the devotee and is empty. In some murtis the hand carries bolus – a round shaped object. When the hand is carrying an object the fingers are closed but exposing the palm and the object. Those people expecting wish fulfillment should worship murti having Varada Hasta pose.

Vekkaliamman Temple Worayiur – Vekkali Amman Temple near Trichy

Vekkaliamman Temple is located at Worayiur near Trichy in Tamil Nadu. Vekkaliamman is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. A unique aspect of the temple is that the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is uncovered. Story of Vekkaliamman Temple Legend has is that once there was a huge sandstorm in the Worayiur region. The area was protected by Goddess Vekkaliamman. But people had lost their houses in the sandstorm. She told her devotees to not build a roof over her shrine until every person living there had shelter. Tuesday and Friday are the most important dates in the temple. Other auspicious occasions are No moon day and full moon day. The murti of Goddess Vekkaliamman is north facing. In this form she is believed to have blessed the Chola kings with valor. The belief is that the north facing murti provides courage to face life. The murti of Mother Goddess is seated on a Yoga Peeta facing north. She holds trident, small drum, pasha (rope) and Akshaya Patra

Listen to Ling Puran Audio in Hindi in mp3 for free – Linga Purana Audio

You can now listen to Ling Puran in audio mp3 format online. There is no option for download of the audio. Linga Purana is one of the most important Puranas and is counted among the 18 major Puranas. Ling Puran narrates important episodes associated with Hindu God Shiva. The audio is made available by Ved Puran website. Link –  Listen to Ling Puran Audio in Hindi online.

Vamadeva Shiva

Vamadeva Shiva is one among the five basic incarnations of Shiva. The eternal and formless Shiva manifests into the Linga form and from it appear five forms - Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Ishana. They create the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The five forms emerge from the formless Linga. Vamadeva Shiva form of Shiva brings into the form water. Vamadeva emerges on the northern face of the linga. This form of linga is referred as Panchamukha Shiva Lingam or Panchanana Shiva. It is also referred as Panchvaktram. In this form Shiva has a red complexion. Scriptures states that in this form Shiva blessed Brahma with the power to heal and preserve His creations. Vamadeva Shiva is the form of Shiva where he is the preserver and healer. Shiva Purana indicates that from this form of Shiva appeared Viraj, Vivah, Vishok and Visvabhavan – who are healers and preserves of Brahma’s creations. The invocation dedicated to Vamadeva form of Shiva is