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Story of Rama and Demon Khara in Ramayana

Story of Rama and demon Khara is the direct result of Lakshman nipping the nose of Rakshasi Surpanakha at Panchavati Ashram in Dandaka forest in the Ramayana. Khara was one of the brothers of Surpanakha as per Aranya Kanda. He ruled the Janasthana region – majority of the Rakshasas lived here. To avenge the bodily harm and insult meted out to Surpanakha, Khara orders 14 of his fiercest warriors to bring the dead body of Rama and Lakshman.
The 14 warriors were vanquished in less than 14 minutes by Sri Ram.
Rama who knew that more trouble was in store asked Lakshman to take Mata Sita to a safe cave and stand guard.
Then Khara himself appears at Panchavati with his commander in chief Dushana and 14,000 rakshasa army.
Devas and Rishis gathered up in the skies to witness the battle.
Rama stood before an army of 14,002 demons.
On sighting Rama, the demons started hurling their weapons at him. Bhagvan replied an arrow for an arrow. Each arrow of Rama killed a demon.
The speed with which a…

Shiva as Bhuteshwar

Bhuteshwar, or Bhuteshvar, is one among the 1008 names of Lord Shiva. As Bhuteshvar, Lord Shiva is the lord of the elements. Legend has it that while Brahma was indulged in creation, the gentler animals that he created did not get any food as they were not ready eat other animals to suffice hunger. The animals prayed to Pashupati – Lord Shiva as the lord of the animals.
Lord Shiva agreed to help the animals and soon he meditated. The heat from his intense meditation brought forth herbs, creepers, plants, shrubs, grass and trees. The hungry animals thrived on the vegetation.
Now Brahma wondered on what the plants will feed on?
Shiva said that they will live on the elements – earth, air, light, water and ether. Thus Shiva is the lord of the elements – Bhuteshvar.
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Kaliamman Temple at Andipatti in Tamil Nadu

KaliammanTemple at Andipatti near Theni in Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Goddess Kali. The temple is believed to be more than 500 years old. The murti of Goddess Kali is in sitting position. She is sitting on her right leg with left leg pressing to the ground. She has four arms and holds a small drum, snake, skull and trident. A five-headed snake forms canopy to the murti in the temple.
Goddess Kaliamman is worshiped for attaining success in new ventures. Business people, farmers and students offer prayers here. She also provides redemption from sins. All new ventures are started after offering prayers to her.
Legend has it that the murti of Goddess Kali was found in a nearby river.
The most important day in the temple is Friday. The full moon day and no moon day also attract thousands of devotees.
The temple also has murtis of other deities including Hanuman and Ganesha.
Kaliamman TempleTiming 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. 5.00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location The temple is located near the crowded Andipatt…

On realizing the divine – Teachings from Hindu Scriptures

Eternal, pure and free am I, formless and changeless. Of the nature of infinite bliss, I am my-Self the Immutable. (Shankaracharya)
That You who bear the whole universe within Yourself at the end of cosmic sleep have been born of my womb is only Your imitation of human ways to hide Your identity – what a great joke You are playing on the world! (Devaki in Srimad Bhagavad Purana)
My salutations to the Supreme Being, the possessor of divine majesties, who having entered my heart, has quickened my dormant limbs, sense and vital powers, and has presently, awakened the power of speech with which I can now express myself in these words. (Dhruva)

What evil can there be when gods are playing with gods, when gods are working with gods, and gods are loving gods? That is the greatest utility of divine realization. (Swami Vivekananda)