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Jatayu in Ramayana – Story of Huge Bird Jatayu Who Tried to Stop Ravana From Kidnapping Sita

Jatayu, the huge bird in the Ramayana, was the witness to Ravana kidnapping Mata Sita. His story is found in the Aranya Kanda of Ramayana. This unimaginably huge bird attempted to stop Ravana and rescue Mata Sita. Jatayu was so strong that when the bird flew up to fight Ravana huge waves were created in the sea, mountains swayed, trees moved violently and some of them were uprooted.
Jatayu inflicted serious damage to Ravana and his vehicle. The bird used his claws to cause damage to the face and body of the demon king.
Ravan was shaken by the attack unleashed by Jatayu. At one point of time, it seemed Ravana would be defeated. But the demon king then used the powerful sword Chandrahasa to cut down the wings of Jatayu.
Mata Sita who witnessed the horrific scene blessed Jatayu that he will live to meet Sri Ram and Lakshman.
Few days later Sri Ram and Lakshman who was in search of Mata Sita found a mortally wounded Jatayu.
The brothers were apprehensive to approach the huge bird. Then…

Yogasthanaka Murti Form of Vishnu – Image of Vishnu Worshipped by Yogis and Those Who Seek Moksha

Yogasthanaka Murti of Vishnu is worshiped by Yogis and all those devotees who have subdued the senses, who have no attachment and those that have quelled all forms of materialist ambitions – those who work without thinking of results and its fruits. It is also the form of Vishnu that should be worshiped by those devotees that are working towards self realization. 
Yogasthanaka form of Vishnu has four arms and is dark in color. The back right hand carries chakra (discus), the front right hand is in abhaya or Varada pose. The back left hand holds the conch (Shanka) and the front left hand rests on hip.
Sage Bhrigu and Sage Markandeya is believed to have had darshan of this form of Vishnu. In images they are shown as kneeling down on the left and right of Yogasthanaka Vishnu.
The main murti of Yogasthanaka Vishnu is accompanied by murtis of Shiva and Brahma. Usually the murtis of Shiva and Brahma are found on the walls near to the Yogasthanaka Vishnu.

Yogasthanaka Murti can be found at …

Sri Kathayi Amman Temple at Kattumannarkoil in Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu

Sri Kathayi Amman in an incarnation of Goddess Parvati – She carries Kartik or Muruga. One of the important temples dedicated Sri Kathayi Amman is located at Kattumannarkoil. This small temple is more than 500 years old. The last Friday of Aadi month is of great important in the temple. Navratri days also attracts hundreds of devotees.
Legend has it that Sri Kathayi Amman had given darshan to Vikarama Chola II and helped him in solving issues with his family members as he did not wish to go into war. The peace loving king installed the Murti of Sri Kathayi Amman and worshiped her for protecting his kingdom.
Uniqueness of the Temple
Three forms of Goddess Shakti is worshipped in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Sri Kathayi Amman Temple - Sri Kathayi Amman – also known as Kuzhandhai Amman as she is holding Muruga in her hip. Murti of Pachai Vazhi Amman with discus and conch is found to the left and there is also Murti of Poonkurathi Amman
The temple has a separate shrine dedicated to Shiva…