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Why Newly Married Couples Stay Apart in Aadi Month?

Newly married couples are advised to stay apart in Aadi Month in Tamil Nadu. The wife goes to her home. Poor husband remains baffled. This is something most newly married couples can’t digest. There is science this ancient tradition but it is irrelevant now. If a woman conceives in the month of Aadi she would normally deliver the baby in the Chithirai Month (April – May). This is the speak summer season in Tamil Nadu.
The labor and delivery will be both painful for mother and the new born baby. Also it was difficult to control blood flow during summer season. Hospitals and good treatment was rare then. So for the safety of the new mother and baby, newly married couples were asked to stay apart.
With scientific developments, modern day comforts and hospitals, this practice is irrelevant.
As part of the tradition, the husband is invited on the 18th day of the month known as Aadi Perukku and is given a sumptuous feast and gifts.

If you are one of those unlucky couple, try convincing y…

Balachandra form of Ganesha – Story of Bhalchandra Ganesh

Balachandra is a unique form of Ganesha in which He wears the moon on His forehead. Balachandra means the boy with the moon. Bala means ‘child’ and Chandra means ‘moon’. The story of Ganesha as Bhalchandra is found in the Brahmanda Purana.
Legend has it that Chandra, the moon god, was cursed by Darbhi to lose his brightness. It is believed that this Darbhi was a great saint who used to bring the four oceans to Kurukshetra to take bath.
Chandra was in a great dilemma and did not know how to escape from the curse.
Seeing Chandra losing his luster, Ganesha took pity on him and took him up and wore him on his forehead as a tilak.
This saved Chandra and he got back his luster.
The form of Ganapati in which he has the moon on the forehead is known as Balachandra.

A popular temple with murti of Balachandra is found on the banks of Godavari River in Maharashtra. The temple of Bhalchandra is around 40 km from Parbhani.

Eight Ganesh Temples in Maharashtra - Ashtavinayak

Rare Turtle Species – Soft-shell Turtles – In Tripureswari Temple in Tripura

TripureswariTemple in Gomati District of Tripura is a very important ShaktiTemple – it is one of 51 Shakti Peethas. The temple tank is home to soft-shell N nigricans turtles – a rare and endangered turtle species.
TripureswariTemple is also known as Kurma Pitha because the temple premises resembles 'Kurma' i.e. turtle.
You can read more about the turtles in Tripureswari Temple here in the Hindu
The fifteenth century temple constructed by King Dhanyamanikya in Udaipur, 55 km from Agartala, is believed to be one of the holiest Hindu shrines in the country.
The rare species of Bostami turtles inhabit the Kalyan Sagar lying in the eastern side of the temple.
Spread over 6.4 acres, it was a natural habitat of the turtles. They come up to the shore looking for crumbs that visitors buy at the nearby stalls and feed to these reptiles, as part of the rituals.

Ways to escape from depression – Swami Sivananda

Develop forgiveness. Give up idle talk. Study the sacred books. Observe straight-forwardness. Do no harm to any being.
Have patience, adamantine will and untiring persistence. Drive the feeling of depression and gloom at once by enquiry, singing divine songs, prayers, chanting of OM, a brisk walk in the open air…
Try to be happy in all states and radiate only joy towards all around you.
Feel that all is light and bliss only. Swami Sivananda