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Drop the false ideas of predestination and fate – Prakashananda

There is a deep-rooted idea in the heart of a section of our people that Vidhata Purusha (the dispenser of fate) determines all about a man’s life beforehand, and writes every detail of the same on the forehead of a baby when it is born.
Whatever vicissitudes of fortune, whatever adversity or prosperity the child will pass through in its life, is predestined. Even the strongest efforts on its part cannot avert them. The best plan, therefore, is to reconcile oneself to one’s fate.
These slavish ideas of daiva, predestination, fate and destiny should at once be knocked on the head, and the healthy and vigorous ideas of self-help, self-exertion should be taught and practiced.
These cramping, weakening and false imaginations have reigned long in our society and sapped its foundation, dragging men down to the level of crawling worms. These notions have got rooted so deep in our hearts that it demands most vigorous efforts to eradicate them.
Are not these fancies of helplessness in the h…