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Puri Jagannath’s Chariot – Lord Jagannath Chariot Size and Dimensions and About Gods on Chariot

Puri Jagannath’s Chariot is known as Nandigosha. Below is the size and dimensions and other details about Lord Jagannath Chariot.
The Chariot of Lord Jagannath is known as Nandighosha. It is also known as Garuda dhwaja and Kapi dhwaja.
Height: 13’.5m Number of wheels: 16 (seven feet diameter) Length and breadth: 34’6” x 34’.6” Wrappings: Red, Yellow color cloths Total Number of wooden pieces used: 832
The Rath (chariot) of Lord Jagannath is guarded by Garuda – the mythical bird and vehicle of Lord Vishnu. 
The charioteer is called Dahuka and the flag is named ‘Trailokyamohini.’ 
The wooden horses driving the chariot are named as Shankha, Balahaka, Suweta, Haridashwa. 
The rope used to pull is called Sankhachuda. 
There are nine presiding deities in the chariot – Varaha, Gobardhan, Gopi Krishna, Narasimha, Rama, Narayan, Trivikrama, Hanuman and Rudra.
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Yantra for Money - Yantra That Should be Worshiped for Making Good Money

Yantra for money are those associated with Goddess Lakshmi, Kubera, Ganesha and Sri Krishna. These yantras should be place in home, office, factories, vehicles etc for attaining money and wealth. One should worship the Yantra daily, offer prayers, be determined and dedicated, perform food donation and avoid evil company to achieve success.
Some of the Yantra for money include Bhagya Vardhak, Daridra Vinashak, Dhanda Yakshani, Karya Shiddhi Yantra, Kubera, Krishna Bisa Yantra, Lakshmi – Kuber Yantra, Lakshmi Yantra and Ganesh Lakshmi Yantra.

Proper worship of the Yantra will help in achieving money from various sources. Lost wealth will be regained.

Kankar Mata – About Hindu Goddess Kankar Mata

Kankar Mata is closely associated with Shitala Devi and is worshipped in this form mainly in parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and Bengal. She is mother goddess to many people. She is counted among Saptamatrikas in certain regions.
There is a widespread belief that it is her anger that results in contagious diseases. She is propitiated to ward off diseases and for peace and prosperity.

The seventh and eighth day of a fortnight – saptami and ashtami – are dedicated to her especially in the months of Chaitra, Baishakh, Jyeshta, Ashada and Shravan.

With image of Vimana 3,000-year-old rock art found in Chhattisgarh Points towards Ramayana Era

Five unique rock art, believed to be more than 3000 years old, found in the dense forest of Suarlot hills in Korba district of Chhattisgarh points towards the Ramayana era. There is a drawing of 'viman' (airplane) among the five rock art. The nearby places in the area are linked to Ramayana. It is believed that Bhagavan Sri Ram had passed through the area. Times of India reports  The rock art, found by archaeologist Hari Singh Chhatri in the dense forests, show the concepts in the form of geometrical drawing. These drawings in red ochre are of humans, mermaids, animals including goat, and a geometrical pattern which resembles a 'viman' or an aeroplane.
"The rock art is still safe as it is located in dense forests. I have found pictures of a male and a female with a specific difference in their height. This could be of Lord Ram and Sita," archaeologist Hari Singh Chhatri told TOI.  "There was a place called 'Kharoud', which is also known as Khar D…

We live in the world when we love it – Rabindranath Tagore

Few words for thought from Rabindranath Tagore It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.
Death is not extinguishing the light, it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.
We live in the world when we love it.
Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.
If I can’t make it through one door, I will go through another door or I will make a door.
Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it. Rabindranath Tagore