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Download Mahabharata Book for Free in PDF format – English Mahabharat

The particular Mahabharata e-Book in PDF format for free download is part of Project Gutenberg. This Mahabharat in English is in verse format and was translated into English from Sanskrit by Romesh C. Dutt. Please note that this book is in condensed format and avoids the numerous stories which are part of Mahabharata.Link – Download Mahabharata Book in PDF format

Tamil Numeral Calendar 2010 – Starting from Thai Month

Tamil Numeral Calendar starting Thai with the first day of Thai month, which is considered as the official New Year by the Tamil Nadu Government, is an effort to popularize Tamil Numerals - 0 ௧௨௩௪௫௬௭௮௯ - 0123456789 This particular Tamil Numeral Calendar is not free for download but is priced at Rs 25/-. This Tamil Numeral Calendar is created by a group of Tamil Scholars associated with the Deivamurasu Magazine and calls the month of Thai ‘Suravam’ and this year as Theerpagai Aandu. The calendar has all numerals, dates and the name of the months and year printed in Tamil. According to the Tamil Calendar the full moon day is called as Niraimathi (not Pournami) and Amavasai or no moon is called as Maraimathi. You can find more details about this calendar at Dheivathamizh.

Britain’s Hindu Open-Air Cremation Debate

Davender Ghai, a practicing Hindu, had asked for an open-air cremation when he dies but it was denied by Newcastle city council in Britain. Davender Ghai had argued then that denying him an open-air ritual ‘will enslave his soul in endless earthly entrapment.’ This debate had taken place in March 2009. It seems an appeal on the matter in the High Court will be taken up in this week. Jay Lakhani has started another debate by suggesting in his article in the Guardian UK that Hindus don't need open-air cremation. And there is no religious reason to demand open-air cremations. To pursue this 'right' in court goes against the spirit of Hinduism.To a Hindu like me, what was particularly worrying in the earlier hearing, at the high court, was the insistence that unless cremation takes place in the open air, the soul remains trapped in the body. Ghai complained that, without such a cremation, his soul would be enslaved in "in endless earthly entrapment". Such insistence …

Today is Ganesh Jayanti, Til Chaturthi and Varad Chaturti

Today, January 19, 2010 is the fourth day or Chaturthi during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in Magh month. The day is observed as Ganesh Jayanti in Maharashtra. In Northern parts of India, the day is observed as Til Chaturthi. The day is also observed as Tilkunda and Varad Chaturti.
The day is highly auspicious for Ganesha devotees as there is an Angarak Yog – monthly Vinayaka Chaturthi falling on Tuesday. The day is also known as Mangala Chathurthi in South India. You may like to read about:Ganesh JayantiTil ChaturthiVarad ChaturtiTil Kunda Chaturthi

Sadhu T L Vaswani Thoughts

What is the secret of true beauty? Simplicity
To know thyself? Then be not a wanderer abroad. But go within thyself!
Not many realize that life, at its noblest, is a Yatra, a pilgrimage to God.
The infinite is our true home
As the body is purified by water, so is the mind purified by truthfulness. Sadhu T L Vaswani