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Pongal Kolam Pictures – Simple Kolam Designs and Ideas for Pongal Festival

Pongal Kolam symbolizes luck, peace, hope and prosperity. Here are few photos of simple and not so simple Pongal Kolams – you can use them as an inspiration to draw your kolam for Pongal 2010 or take ideas and create a fresh kolam. Majority of the kolams are from 2009 and some of them are a bit older. Kolams drawn during Pongal include important symbols of the festivals like pongal pot, sugarcane, cow, ox and Lord Surya. The pictures are from various sources and are copyrighted to the respective owners and are linked to the original source. You can explore each of the owners album to find more kolams.It must be noted that today most Pongal kolams concentrate on designs and some of the important symbols of Pongal festival are avoided. So you might not see the pongal symbols in all kolams.Pongal KolamsClick on the images for a larger view
Personal Collection from web
Ramya Aiyyappan Flickr collection

Virtual Tour of Kudajadri Sarvajna Peetha near Mookambika Temple in Karnataka – 360 degree view of Sarvajna Peetam and Kudajadri Hills

A visit to the MookambikaDeviTemple is incomplete if you fail to have glimpse of Sarvajna Peetha at Kudajadri – the spot where Adi Shankaracharya is believed to have meditated. This Virtual Tour of Sarvajna Peetam is created by Leen Thobias of You can have a 360 degree view of the Sarvajna Peetha and its natural surroundings.The small structure – mandapam – is known as Sarvajna Mandapam and it is believed that Adi Shankara meditated here after he was conferred the title of Sarvajna.Kudajadri Hill is located around 22 km from MookambikaTemple and apart from the Sarvajna Peetha – there is a GanapatiCave and a temple each of Goddess Uma and Goddess Kala Bhairavi.Virtual Tour of MookambikaDeviTemple and Kudajadri Hills
Click on the image for the Virtual Tour
In this virtual tour you will see 360 degree view of MookambikaTemple, Kudajadri Sarvajna Peetha, GanapathyCaveTemple and SouparnikaRiver. The first image you will see is that of MookambikaTemple, the blog had written ab…

Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj Quotes

On giving up pride and selfishness, one naturally becomes like an ascetic.As long as we see the perishable as real, till that time there will be no realization. Being a slave to perishable things is the main reason that does not allow us to turn to the imperishable.Liberation comes from giving up of desires, not from giving up things.Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj