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Simantonnayana – Hair Parting Ceremony of Hindu Pregnant Women

Simantonnayana is one of the important Hindu samskaras for a pregnant woman and it is the hair parting ceremony. In Hinduism, the Simantonnayana ceremony is performed for health and long life of the mother and for the protection of the fetus (unborn child). The ceremony is usually performed in the fourth or the fifth month as per the Grahyasutras. The ancient texts are of the view that the ceremony can be held anytime from the fourth month to the eighth month.After the fourth month the development of the baby’s organs starts. In Hindu religion, it is believed that the mind of the child begins from the fifth month. Pregnant women were required to take utmost care during the period and this was symbolically explained by parting of hair. Another reason for the ceremony was also to keep the mother happy, peaceful and content. As it is believed that the mental health of the mother influences the child.
The ceremony differs from community to community. And the parting of the hair in some com…

Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Temple Laddu Prasadam Size to be increased

ShriSeetaRamachandraSwamyTemple at Bhadrachalam in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most popular temples dedicated to Lord Ram. The most important ‘prasadam’ that the devotees take home from Bharachalam SriRamaTemple is the Laddu – sweet balls. Until now devotees were only given 5 laddus of 80 gm each but now the temple authorities plan to sell 500 gm Laddus.Express Buzz reportsDevotees from across the country have been expressing dissatisfaction over shortage of ‘prasadam’. The temple authorities are finding it difficult to supply ‘prasadam’ at the time of festivals. The temple authorities are not able to provide more than five ‘laddus’ to each pilgrim.Five thousand to 8,000 ‘laddus’ are sold on normal days and on festival days the number may go up to 20,000 to 25,000. The temple authorities are not in a position to meet the demand.The temple authorities are selling 80 g ‘laddu’ at Rs 5 to the devotees.On pilgrims’ demand, the temple authorities have taken a decision to prepare half kg ‘…

Shani Temple at Kharsali Village in Uttar Kashi in Uttarakhand

There is a unique temple dedicated to LordShaniTemple at KharsaliVillage in Uttar Kashi in Uttarakhand. This unique ShaniDevataTemple is a four-storied Temple and the idol of Lord Shani is kept on the fourth floor. The village lies on the famous Hanuman Chatti – Yamunotri route and is about 6 km before the Yamunotri Shrine.One of the Yamunotri Bhog Murti – the idol used during ritual at the YamunotriTemple is kept at KharsaliShaniTemple. The YamunotriTemple remains closed during the winter season from November to April. ShaniTemple at KharsaliVillage has Buddhist influence. As the temple is located in a flood and earthquake prone area it is protected by wooden stilts. A narrow wooden staircase takes the visitor to the fourth floor where a bronze statue of Lord Shani is installed. From the temple one can get an excellent view of the YamunotriPeak.
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Guru Sri Dattatreya Teachings – The twenty four Gurus of Dattatreya

When Guru Dattatreya was a child, a king visited the ashram. Because his parents were away, Dattatreya greeted the king and the king saw an inner joy radiating from the boy. The king immediately realized that the boy was gifted with great wisdom and started talking to him.
(Source: Book - The Himalayan Masters: A Living Tradition by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD)King: You have been studying with your parents?Dattatreya: There is much to learn from everyone and everything, not only from my parents.King: Then you have a teacher? Who is it?Dattatreya: I have 24 gurus.King: Twenty-four gurus at such a tender age? Who are they?Dattatreya: Mother earth is my first guru. She taught me to hold those who trample me, scratch me, and hurt me lovingly in my heart, just as she does. She taught me to give them my best, remembering that their acts are normal and natural from their standpoint.King: Who is your second guru?Dattatreya: Water it is a force that contains life and purity. It cleanses whatev…