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Mothers Carrying Babies to have Quick Darshan in Tirupati Temple

Mothers carrying babies need to stand in the long queues anymore to have have 'darshan' of Lord Venkateswara at the famous Tirupati temple. Mothers carrying infants will be provided with quick ‘darshan’ facility. Mother and the baby will be allowed in through the 'mahadwaram' (main entrance) to go near the presiding deity and offer prayers.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Sayings

The more you are loaded with desires, the more poor you are, the more weak you are. Strength is wakefulness, and in wakefulness there is no desire.
Remember this.
Desire means the present is not sufficient enough;
it is not okay the way it is now, this moment.
Desire means projection to the next moment.
Desire simply means being unaware of the Infinity.
Desire simply means you don’t know yourself.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar