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Significance of OM Symbol

OM or AUM is the most important word or sound in Hindu religion. OM symbolizes Brahman with attributes and Brahman without attributes. The ‘OM’ vibrates through the vast tradition of Hinduism and the importance of the word is explained by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

I am the One to be known, the syllable OM. (IX. 17.)

I am the OM in all the Vedas. (VII. 8.)

One should meditate on Me uttering ‘OM’ – the Brahman in one syllable. He who thus leaves the body attains liberation. (VIII. 13.)

The Mandukya Upanishad is entirely dedicated to explaining the significance of OM – the Bij Mantra.

All this is the letter Om. A vivid explanation of this. All that is past, present, and future is but Om. Whatever transcends the three periods of time, too, is Om. (Chapter I, Verse 1)

All this is certainly Brahman. This Self is Brahman. This Self, as such, is possessed of four quarters. (Chapter I, Verse 2)

OM comprises of three sounds. The first sound ‘A’ represents the state of being awake and conscious. The second sound ‘U’ represents being in a higher state – a dream sleep state. The third sound ‘M’ represents a desireless state but still there is the awareness. Finally, there is a state of non-existence or a floating state – a state without any experiences.