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A comparison of Raja Ravi Varma and M F Hussain Painting

The Marxist government of Kerala has decided to award the prestigious Raja Ravi Varma Award this year to M F Hussain. Ravi Varma paintings are noted for its sublimity and beauty. They are the best examples of the fusion of Indian traditions with the techniques of European academic art.

A common man who is a novice to the world of painting will be attracted by Raja Ravi Varma’s painting. Now, M F Hussain is better known for his painting controversies. A novice to the world of painting will need to use his/her brain to understand Hussain’s painting.

So it is worthwhile comparing the two painters - one who is among the greatest painters in India and another one who is among the greatest controversial painters in India.

Quite often the Indian public makes an opinion without actually seeing the paintings. Either a person allies with the communists or the communalists or the pseudo-secularists.

Each reader of this blog post should compare the paintings and should come out with an independent opinion. And should learn to respect the opinion of another individual.