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Story Of Origin Of 11 Vishnu Temples At Nangur

Vishnu temples at Nangur are a group of 11 temples near Nangur in Mayiladuthurai district of Tamil Nadu, India. These eleven temples are known as Thiru Nangur Divya Desams. The story of the origin of 11 Vishnu temples are associated with Rudra Avatar of Shiva.

In the celestial realms where gods and goddesses roamed, there existed a profound love between Lord Shiva and his divine consort, Goddess Sati. However, their idyllic existence was shattered when Sati's father, Daksha, insulted Shiva in a fit of arrogance at the now infamous Daksha Yajna to which Shiva was not invited. Unable to bear the disrespect towards her beloved husband, Sati sacrificed herself in the flames of her own agony.

The news of Sati's sacrifice shook the heavens, and grief-stricken Shiva, overwhelmed by fury and sorrow, unleashed the cataclysmic dance of destruction known as the Rudra Thaandavam. His dance, performed near the confluence of the Cauvery and Mani rivers, reverberated across the cosmos, threatening to unravel the fabric of existence itself. This place is believed to be near South East of Seerkazhi.

As Shiva danced, each strand of his hair, charged with divine energy, fell to the earth below. Miraculously, from each fallen hair, a new form of Shiva emerged, multiplying his wrath. Sensing the imminent chaos that could ensue from Shiva's unbridled fury, Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, intervened.

Appearing before Shiva as Paramapatha Nathan, Vishnu sought to pacify the raging deity. Moved by Vishnu's presence, Shiva beseeched him to manifest in multiple forms, mirroring his own multitude. Vishnu, the compassionate one, acquiesced to Shiva's plea.

Thus, in the sacred precincts of Thirunangur, Vishnu revealed himself in eleven divine forms, drawing from the essence of eleven different Divya Desams (sacred abodes) that dotted the landscape. These manifestations of Vishnu, born from the amalgamation of his divine grace and Shiva's fervent appeal, became the sanctuaries known as the Thirunangur Divya Desams.

Each temple stood as a testament to the harmonious interplay of creation and preservation, symbolizing the eternal bond between Shiva and Vishnu, the dance of destruction and the grace of salvation. And thus, the story of the origin of the eleven Vishnu temples at Nangur became enshrined in the annals of divine lore, a testament to the enduring power of devotion and the boundless compassion of the divine.