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Padakalpataru, a resplendent canopy of poetic expressions, stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of devotion woven by the medieval Vaishnava saints. Compiled in the 18th century CE by the venerable Gokulananda Sen, affectionately known as Vaishnava Dasa, this anthology resonates with the mellifluous echoes of 3101 verses, each a radiant gem adorning the crown of divine adoration.

Spanning the linguistic spectrum of Bengali, Brajaboli, and Sanskrit, Padakalpataru serves as a sacred reservoir of spiritual fervor. Within its hallowed pages, one encounters the sublime romance between Radha and Krishna, immortalized in verse, their celestial love transcending the bounds of mortal comprehension. Yet, amidst the amorous rhapsodies, the anthology also reverberates with the teachings and essence of Sri Chaitanya, the divine avatar who heralded a renaissance of devotion.

Among the illustrious poets gracing its pages are luminaries such as Jnanadasa, whose verses illuminate the path of devotion with profound insight; Balaramadasa, whose poetic flair captivates hearts with its lyrical beauty; Jayadeva, whose immortal composition, the Gita Govinda, stands as a pinnacle of devotional literature; and Vrindabanadasa, whose verses transport the soul to the verdant groves of Vrindavan, where the divine play of Radha and Krishna unfolds in eternal splendor.

Padakalpataru, like a sacred banyan tree, extends its branches far and wide, offering shelter to seekers of divine ecstasy and solace to souls yearning for union with the divine. In its verses, the mundane dissolves into the sublime, and the finite merges with the infinite, as the devotee embarks on a transcendental journey guided by the luminous beacon of love divine.