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Prajapati in Hindu Mythology

Prajapati is the ‘lord of creatures’ in Hindu mythology and is mentioned in the Vedas, Puranas and the two epics. In the Vedas, Prajapati had individuality but gradually the term is applied to Indra and other important deities. In the later Vedic period, especially in certain Puranas and other literature associated with Hinduism, the term Prajapati is applied to Lord Brahma.It seems that in the Vedic period, Prajapati occupied an important place. The Vedas mention him as the creator of earth. In the beginning, he arose as Hiranyagarbha.
When born, he was the one Lord of all that exists.
He supported the earth and this heaven.
What God with our offering shall we worship?
O Prajapati, you alone have encompassed all these created things:
May that for which with longing we have called upon you be ours;
May we become lords of wealth. (Rig Veda 10. 121)But there is a gradual declination in his position and later on he is regarded as the guardian of the sex organs.There is another suggestion in…