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Any Practicing Hindu Can Become Temple Priest in Tamil Nadu

By tradition only Brahmins could become priests in Hindu temples. But now any practicing Hindu can now become a temple priest in Tamil Nadu. The present DMK government passed a law that any practicing Hindu can perform puja in Tamil Nadu's temples.

Now, the Tamil Nadu Government has opened six Hindu Priest Training Center across the state. Hundreds of students including dalits have joined for a year-long certificate course in 'Agama Sastras' (priesthood studies) at these centers. The centers are run by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of the Tamil Nadu State Government.

A welcome change, it should have happened the day India became independent. Supreme Court of India had in 2002 ruled that any person who has the knowledge of temple rituals can become priests.

This method adopted by the Tamil Nadu government should be followed by other state governments. Especially in Kerala where certain priests are still clinging to worthless traditions like cleaning …

Gold Coin as offering in Deograh Baidyanath Temple

The famous Baba Baidyanath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Deograh, Jharkhand, has introduced special gold coins as offering.

The gold coin issued by the temple administration has an imprint of the Baidyanath Temple on one side and the Shivling (lingam) on the other side. The cost of the coin is 2,500. Devotees can offer it to the temple and the priest after special pujas will return the coin back.

The coin will be issued from the coming Shrawan month, when the temple receives more than two million devotees.

The Vaidyanath Shiva temple is one among the twelve jyotirlingas (sacred abodes of Lord Shiva). The temple is also known as Baba dham and Baidyanath dham.

Lord Ganesha, Muruga and the Mango

This animated video is based on the famous incident involving Lord Ganesh, Lord Murugan (Subrahmaniya) and the Mango. The video is hilarious and deviates from the usual holy nature of religious videos. But the story is presented with élan.
Short synopsis: Lord Muruga and Lord Ganesh fight over a mango. Their parents Lord Shiva and Parvati intervene. Lord Shiva decides that whoever circles around the world first will get the mango. Lord Muruga who is known for his speed started his journey around earth. But Lord Ganesha just circled around Lord Shiva and Parvati and won the mango. Simply because parents are the world for children.


Communist Interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita - The Warrior and the Charioteer: A Materialist Interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita

The Warrior and the Charioteer: A Materialist Interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita is a book by V. M. Mohanraj. The book is published by Leftword. So what has the book to say about Bhagavad Gita? From the book “the Mahabharata is not a chronicle or a document of history but Vyasa composed it by piecing together themes that were the subjects of ballads and sagas.Another key observation: “The personality of the Yadava chief Krishna thus extends far back in time and its origin is steeped in mystery....The many Krishnas of the past have been superimposed on the Krishna of the Bhagavad Gita, thus bringing forth a synthesized charming image, sans whatever negative traits they had.”There are more such communist oriented observations. Although many Hindus might find it hard to digest certain observations in the book, there is no doubt that the book is refreshing because it looks at the Bhagavad Gita from a different perspective.

Bhagavad Gita Quotes

See the flower, how generously it offers beauty, fragrance and honey. It gives to all, gives freely its essence. When its work is done, it falls away quietly. Try to be like the flower, unassuming despite all its qualities.

It is impossible for man who has a body to abstain absolutely from all action, but whoever renounces its fruits, is the man of true renunciation.

What you depend on, you get angry at. Thinking about sense objects will attach you to sense objects. Grow attached, and you become addicted; Thwart your addiction, it turns to anger. Be angry, and you confuse your mind; confuse your mind, you forget the lesson of experience; forget experience, you lose discrimination; lose discrimination, and you miss life’s only purpose – Bliss.

The abstinent run away from what they desire but they carry their desires with them.

Those men who practice severe austerities not enjoined by the Shastras, given to ostentation and egoism, possessed with the power of lust and attachment, torture…