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Book on Tradition and Rituals in Hinduism and other religions in India

The book, Incredible India – Traditions and Rituals, delves into the tradition and rituals in Hinduism and other religions in India. The book is part of the Incredible India series from Wisdom Tree and is written by Muthusamy Varadarajan. The book explains how India's prevalent rituals and traditions emerged as tools of self-expression and as channels through which material rewards could be solicited.Excerpt from the book"Traditions are the salt and spice of life. The traditions of respect to elders, particularly the parents and the guru, hospitality, regard for women, loyalty and friendship, compassion, love and mercy, honesty, concern for ecology and environment, kindness to animals, equality of mankind, respect for and non-deviation from justice and, most of all, the acknowledgement of the intrinsic equality of all religions, are what can rightfully and legitimately be called our own inalienable traditions."

Quotes Vivekananda

Face the brutes.” That is a lesson for all life—face the terrible, face it boldly. Like the monkeys, the hardships of life fall back when we cease to flee before them.The earth is enjoyed by heroes”—this is the unfailing truth. Be a hero. Always say, “I have no fear.Swami Vivekananda