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Thirukkural Quotes - Teachings of Thiruvalluvar

Thirukural composed by Sage Tiruvalluvar contains worldly wisdom and universal truth. Below are the quotes and Teachings from Thirukkural of Thiruvalluvar .

Find and follow the good path, ruled by compassion. Of the many ways, that one leads to liberation. (Thirukkural 242)
Those without wealth may one day prosper, but those without kindness are utterly and incurably poor. (Thirulkural 248)
If a man be his own guard, let him guard himself against rage. Left unguarded, his own wrath will annihilate him. (Thirukkural - 301)

The arrow is straight but cruel; the lute is crooked but sweet. Therefore, judge men by their acts, not their appearance. (Tirukural, Verse 279)

Before proceeding against men weaker than yourself, ponder when you stood before those more powerful. (Tirukkural 250)

If you return kindness for injuries received and forget both, those who harmed you will be punished by their own shame. (Thirukural 314)

All suffering recoils on the wrongdoer himself. Thus, those desiring n…