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Avaduta Upanishad

Avadutha Upanishad is one among the 108 Upanishads. But does not fall into the category of Principal Upanishads. A very small Upanishad, the Avaduta is pregnant with meaning and explains the nature of a person who has understood the true meaning of Brahman. Avadhuta Upanishad
Om ! May He protect us both together; may He nourish us both together;
May we work conjointly with great energy,
May our study be vigorous and effective;
May we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any).
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !1. Then, it is said, Samkriti approached the venerable Avadhuta, Dattatreya, and questioned: Venerable Sir, Who is an Avadhuta ? What is his condition ? What his characteristic ? And what his worldly existence ? To him replied the venerable Dattatreya, the most compassionate:2. The Avadhuta is so called because he is immortal [akshara]; he is the greatest [varenya]; he has discarded worldly ties [d…

Lord Balaji on Watch

Several are the ways to express one’s devotion. Watches with picture of Lord Balaji embossed are a favorite with devotees.

How to convert to Hinduism?

I receive lot of emails asking how to covert to Hinduism? Or How to become a Hindu? I did not have a straightforward answer. Simply because we Hindus are never taught to think in terms of converting people. We are always asked to respect every religion. So my search on how to convert to Hinduism landed me up at the doors of Arya Samaj – the mission started by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. The state and central government has given authority to Arya Samaj to issue a certificate to those who wish to embrace Hinduism.Now how does one become a Hindu? It is very simple. First there is a purification ceremony known as ‘sudhi karma.’ Then render hymns from the four Vedas. Now the person is a Hindu and he/she will get a certificate. The person will only be converted to Hinduism not to any caste. The person can use this certificate to enter any temple in India.Apart from the Arya Samaj there are other Hindu organizations that are entitled to help people adopt Hinduism. They are usually determined …