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British Hindus Fight to Save Sacred Bull Shambo

Shambo, the sacred bull kept by the SkandavaleTemple in Llanpumsaint, south west Wales, England, was diagnosed with bovine tuberculosis and was ordered to be slaughtered.But Hindus insist that Shamboo is isolated and is in a healthy condition. The temple has promised to keep the animal in isolation for the rest of its life. But authorities are not willing to let Shambo live. Bull is the vehicle of Lord Shiva and has a special place in all Shiva temples.The Hindu Forum of Britain has announced that it will form a human chain around the temple to save the bull.The Telegraph reports"To have a sacred bull from the temple slaughtered is completely unthinkable for us and is a matter of grave concern," said Ramesh Kallidai, secretary-general of the Hindu Forum. "It strikes at the very core of our beliefs."

The issue has already galvanized British Hindus and animal lovers. Since the bull belongs to a Hindu temple it will never enter the food chain even if it was healthy. N…

Mega TV Serial on Lord Jagannath

Bhubaneswar-based Orissa Television (OTV) is planning to produce and telecast a mega television series on Lord Jagannath. The series is in Oriya language and will go on air in September 2007.Kalinga Times reportsThe proposed serial will cover the most popularly discussed story of Lord Krishna shot by Jara Sabar after Mahabharat war and his half burnt body becoming the origin of Lord Jagannath. The sensational event of Lord Biswakarma giving shape to the statue of Lord Jagannath at Puri as per the desire of King Indradyumna and his queen Gundicha will also form part of the episode of the mega serial.Besides, all the famous stories of Lord's blessings such as Bhakta Salabega, Dasia Bauri and Kanchi Abhijan will find place in the serial.

Kannada Version of Mahabharata in CD

Karnata Bharata Kathamanjari, the highly acclaimed and widely read Kannada Version of the Mahabharata, was released in CD format by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. The text is popular known as Kumaravyasa Bharata and is credited to Gadugina Narayanappa.Kumaravyasa Bharata has only the first ten chapters of the original Mahabharata epic.

The Brahma Sutra Sankarabhasya

The Brahma Sutra Sankarabhasya – Up to Iksatyadhikarana with the commentaries `Bhasya-ratna-prabha' and `Sri Krishnacarana-bhusanam' is a new book from Adi Sankara Advaita Research Centre, Chennai.Brahma Sutras is one among the three basic texts in Vedanta, the other two being Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita. Brahma Sutras is credited to Badarayan and in it the concepts of Vedanta are presented in an orderly manner.The book is scholarly in nature and delves into the vast ocean of Vedanta. From K. Vedamurthy review of the book in the Hindu On the whole, the publication stands out as a superbly researched and exquisitely executed work, which is in a class of its own.The Sanskrit text is preceded by an elaborate introduction in English by Veezhinathan, an eminent scholar. The theory of superimposition of the not-Self upon the Self, the need for a two-fold definition of the Self, the criterion of perceptuality of knowledge, the mode of interpretation of the texts such as `Tat tvam a…