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The Healing Power of Rudraksha

Numerous researches have proved that the Rudraksha has powerful electromagnetic properties. The bead has the capacity to send special electrical impulses to certain brain centers and this is the reason attributed for the healing power of Rudraksha.The structure of a Rudraksha bead is quite similar to that of the brain. The capacity of the bead to send electrical impulses varies with its number of faces. The impulses can regulate heartbeat, stress levels, blood pressure, and hypertension. It has the capacity to absorb excess body heat and balance the physical energy. The bead also alleviates depression, mood disorders, anxiety and mental disorders. It also helps in developing intense concentration while meditating. Ayurvedic texts talk about the curative properties of Rudraksha. The pulp of Rudraksha fruit is highly helpful in curing epilepsy and mental illness. The powdered seed relieves common cold and hypertension. In some cultures, newly born babies are given a drop of paste made o…