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Lakshmi Chalisa

Lakshmi Chalisa consists of forty verses dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The Chalisa is believed to have been composed by Sundardasa. Each verse is dedicated to praising the Goddess and the devotee wants to know when the when the goddess will remove his/her misfortunes and why is there a delay in removing the misfortunes. Sab sukh bharani Lakshmi Amba,
Dinan par kahan karati vilamba.
Tu tribhuvan tam-nasani hari
Ho jag janni Vishnu ki pyari.O mother Lakshmi, you grant all happiness; what makes you delay being merciful to the helpless? O primordial source of the world, beloved consort of Vishnu, you are the dispeller of the gloom covering the three spheres!In some verses, the goddess is compared with precious stones and other invaluable things in the world and in some her beauty is praised. Mukut bich shishu chand virajat,
Tisar nayan bhal bich sajat.
Jhumat jhumak manin laran ki,
Sohat choli harit varan ki, The new moon lies resplendent amid the crown upon your head whi…

Rudraksha Trees

Hindu scriptures trace the origin of Rudraksha trees to the tears shed by Lord Shiva. But for a botanist, Rudraksha tree belongs to the ‘Elaeocarpus’ family(scientific name). The tree is found mainly in Nepal, India and Indonesia. The tree is also seen in the Solomon Islands, MarianasIslands, Guam, Rota, Papua New Guinea and Hawaii. The best Rudraksha beads are those from Nepal and there are Rudraksha farms here. The tree is also cultivated in the Indonesian island of Bali.

The Rudraksha Tree is also known as the Blue Marble Tree and there are around 120 species in the family of Elaeocarpus. An evergreen, Rudraksha tree bears fruit within five years. The white wood of the tree is in high demand as timber.
The tree has white flowers and produce fruits that has three stages of development. In the first stage, the fruits are green and then they turn purple and finally, when the fruit is ripe it is blue in color. The fruit when cleaned gives the Rudraksha bead.
The fruit is a favorit…