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Attukal Pongala World’s Largest Gathering of Women

Every year in March or February, the AttukalBhgavathyTemple in Trivandrum, Kerala, celebrates the world famous Attukal Pongala. It is estimated that more than two million women participate in this Hindu ritual called ‘pongala.’ Guinness World Records have certified it as the largest annual gathering of women in the world.

The 'Pongala' ritual comprises preparing ‘prasad’ for the deity. Women cook rice and jaggery in earthen pots and they offer it to the goddess. They also cook different type of sweet dishes – called ‘mandaputtu,’ ‘appam,’ ‘therali’ – made out of rice powder and jaggery. Coconut tree fronds are used to cook the ‘prasad.’
Women prepare the ‘prasad’ in the temple premises and in eight kilometer radius around the temple. The heart of the Trivandrum city including bus station, railway station and roads are filled with women on this day. The goddess worshipped at Attukal temple is Kannagi who is the incarnation of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. It i…

Six tips to protect your skin during Holi festival

Always use Natural Holi colours.
Use a moisturizer on your face and all those parts that are exposed.
Use oil or conditioner on your hair before playing Holi. The oil or conditioner will form a thin layer and it will act as a barrier. You can easily remove it with shampoo later.
If you’re allergic to chemicals, consult your doctor before playing Holi.
Avoid water balloons as they can cause injuries.
If there is severe irritation, consult a doctor. Don’t attempt self-medication. RelatedWhy celebrate Holi?
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Food destroyed at Puri Jagannath Temple because a foreigner entered the shrine

Food worth rupees three hundred thousand was destroyed by the Puri Jagannath temple authorities as part of purification rituals. All this because an American tourist entered the shrine. The shrine once denied entrance to then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi because she married a Parsi.The food was cooked for around 7,000 devotees and is referred as ‘bhog’ or ‘mahaprasad.’All this is happening in a country in which millions of Hindus are starving. The temple is in an Indian state which has reported starvation deaths. It is being reported that a priest of the temple helped the foreigner to get inside the shrine. There is no doubt that the activities of few orthodox people are damaging Hinduism. Majority of the Hindus are remaining silent spectators and are allowing few orthodox people to administer temples. Take this incident as an example; if a few Hindus present in the temple had raised their voice, the destruction of the food could have been easily stopped. Instead we go back to our hom…