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Showing posts from September 25, 2006

Simple thoughts

You are walking through a forest. Suddenly, you see a lion.
You ignore the lion and go your way. This is normal.
The lion attacks you. You should defend it. You are doing your duty.
The lion does nothing but you attack it. This is a crime and a sin. It invites numerous problems.

Quote for the day

And I admire the civilisational heritage of tolerance that made Hindu societies open their arms to people of every other faith, to come and practise their beliefs in peace amidst Hindus. It is remarkable, for instance, that the only country on earth where the Jewish people have lived for centuries and never experienced a single episode of anti-Semitism is India. That is the Hinduism in which I gladly take pride. Openness is the essence of my faith.

Shashi TharoorSource: The Hindu