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Showing posts from September 17, 2006

The lack of a spiritual leader who can represent the Hindu community is a boon

While traveling in a train, I overheard the conversation of a few new converts to Christianity from Hinduism. These new converts were poor rural Indians. But they were educated. One man was talking about how the meeting with the preacher of the new sect helped him to get rid of alcoholism. They were also talking about the lack of a proper religious leader in Hinduism to guide them.
People are happy to become followers. They want someone to guide them. People want to see miracles. They need to improve their lifestyle with the help of the spiritual leader. They need to be a part of group or sect to satisfy their ego. They need it to debate that my sect is better than yours.
But this comes with a price – loss of individuality. All the thoughts of these people are borrowed from the spiritual leader. It is like dead people programmed to walk by another man.
Fortunately, Hinduism does not have a spiritual leader who can represent the entire community. And I see this as a great advantage. A spi…