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Conference on Nilgiri tahr and other ungulates begins in Munnar

Around 100 naturalists from several countries are meeting at Munnar in Kerala to discuss about Nilgiri tahr and other ungulates. The World Congress on Mountain Ungulates (WCMU) will be held for three days from September 13. The conference is held by the International Union for the Conversation of Nature (IUCN). Munnar is home to the Nilgiri tahr which is one of the best protected ungulates in India. EravikulamNational Park in Munnar is home to more than 700 Nilgiri tahrs. The conference is expected to discuss the plight of Marco Polo sheep whose number has declined to less than 6000. Conservation of Swedish Moose and Kashmir stag are high on the agenda. The conference is expected to come out with solutions for several problems faced by the ungulates.