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About the use of the term Hinduism in Hindu blog

It is wrong to use the term Hinduism in Hindu blog. By using the term, I am not doing justice to the great culture. But I have no other choice. I can’t use ‘it’s a way of life.’ It will sound odd, and many people might understand what the blog is dealing with. We will not come across the terms ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hinduism’ in any of the holy books associated with the present day Hindu religion. What we call Hinduism today was a way of life for the ancient people. This blog is dealing with that way of life. We live in a world dominated by monolithic religions like Christianity and Islam. Most of the people approach Hinduism on the lines of these religions. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about it. To communicate this great culture, we need to use the term Hinduism. Even though, it distorts this great culture.Even Hindu believers are influenced by these monolithic thoughts. They approach Hinduism on the lines of other religions. And it is also difficult for many to digest the ‘way of life…