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Vande Mataram Controversy

Media and Vande Mataram controversyThe media in India celebrated Vande Mataram controversy. Some of the national news channels were highly enthusiastic in showing Muslims singing the song. So many people shed their energy arguing about Vande Mataram. Suddenly, we had patriots in all parts of India singing Vande Mataram. Some news channels wanted to know whether the politicians knew Vande Mataram. Why blame politicians? Seven out of ten people on the street does not know Vande Mataram. I don’t know how to sing Vande Mataram. Does that mean that I am not an Indian Citizen? The whole controversy was used to divide India on religious lines. The main stream media should be blamed for igniting passions of people. The media covertly kick up controversies and then they cleverly put on the role of good shepherd. The issue is then used by fundamentalists for their gains.What did the people of India gain from Vande Mataram controversy?How can an average citizen of India sing Vande Mataram, when …