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Venkateswara Ashtothram In Hindi pdf

One of the popular prayers dedicated to Venkateshwara is the chanting of the Venkateswara Ashtothram. Below is Venkateswara Ashtothram lyrics in Hindi in pdf format. You can download the file and save it for future use.   Link – Venkateswara Ashtothram In Hindi pdf Chanting the Venkateswara Ashtothram daily is considered highly auspicious. The mantra is chanted on all days by devotees. It is highly meritorious to chant especially on Thursdays and Saturdays.   The benefits of chanting Venkateswara Ashtottara Shatanamavali include peace and prosperity. It is also chanted for early marriage, wealth and good children. It is also chanted for happy married life.

Matang Yog Based On Nakshatra In Hindu Astrology – Matanga Yoga

Matang Yog or Matanga Yoga is considered a good and auspicious period in Hindu astrology. This yog is calculated based on nakshatra or birth star. The time period of the yog is till the end of nakshatra on the particular day. Matang Yog benefits include better luck and doubling of investments. The time period is good for making all kinds of investments. It is ideal for moving into new rented house and also for any kind of first meeting. It is also good for opening of shops and starting construction etc. Matang Yog happens when Dhanishta or Sravishta or Avittam nakshatra falls on Sunday or Ravivar Revathi nakshatra falls on Monday or Somvar Rohini nakshatra falls on Tuesday or Mangalvar Pushya or Poosam or Pooyam nakshatra falls on Wednesday or Budhwar Uttara Phalguni or Uthiram nakshatra falls on Thursday or Guruvar Vishakha or Vishakam nakshatra falls on Friday or Shukrawar Purvashada or Pooradam nakshatra falls on Saturday or Shanivar. The yog ends on the day when

Sannidhi In Hindu Linguistics

Sannidhi is a Hindu linguistic term meaning proximity. It is one of the conditions for the construction of a sentence that can produce verbal knowledge. Sannidhi is also referred to as asatti. It pertains to the physical aspect of the linguistic elements. Generally, it consists in not having any unnecessary interval or intervention between the words of a sentence. The words of a sentence, to be meaningful, must be contiguous. Words uttered at long intervals of time or written by long intervals of space cannot make a sentence. For instance, a group of words like – he kicked the ball – will not make a sentence, when uttered individually at different intervals of time or written at different places (like, he   -kicked – the – ball). To ensure the unbroken apprehension of the meanings of all the words of a sentence, leading to verbal cognition, the words of a sentence must be uttered in quick succession or written in juxtaposition. Further, sannidhi refers to the absence of any unneces

Upcoming Hindu Festivals in August 2022 – Hindu Vrat – Fasting – Rituals in August 2022

Dates of important upcoming festivals and fasting associated with Hinduism in August 2022 – based on major Hindu calendars and Panchang used in India. The festivals, Vrats and ritual days are based on Indian Standard Time (IST). Hindu Vrat – Fasting - Festivals August 2022 August 1 – Durva Ganpati Vrat – Shravan Somvar Vrat August 1 – Aadi Pooram August 2 – Mangala Gouri Puja August 2 – Nag Panchami – Takshak Puja – Nagara Panchami August 3 – Aadi Perukku August 3 – Kalki Jayanti August 3 – Muruga Sashti Fasting August 3 – Randhan Chath in South Gujarat August 4 – Shitala Satam in South Gujarat August 4 – Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti August 6 – Durga Ashtami – Durva Ashtami August 8 – Shravan Somvar Vrat – Ekadashi Fasting August 9 – Mangala Gouri Vrat – Pradosh Vrat – Damodar Dwadashi August 11 – Purnima Vrat August 11 – Rig Vedi Upakarma August 11 – Nariyal Purnima August 11 – Raksha Bandhan August 11 – Yajur Vedi Upakarma – Avani Avittam August 1

Samkhya Sutra

Samkhya Sutra is a seminal work on Samkhya philosophy. It is traditionally attributed to Sage Kapila, but it is not the work of Kapila. It was not referred to by any writer until it was commented on by Aniruddha in the 15th century CE. The other reading of the sutras themselves is to be found in Samkhya Pravachana Bhashya of Vijnanabhiksu, who flourished in the latter half of the 16th century CE. There is no mention of this sutra collection in the older Samkhya literature. Many of the references to other philosophical doctrines of Samkhya Sutra appear to reflect a much later period in the history of Hindu philosophy. Samkhya Sutra contains refutations of other doctrines and also several parables. The text is divided into six books (adhyayas), viz., the book of topics (Visayadhyaya); the book of evolutions of the prime cause (Pradhanakaryadhyaya); the book of non-attachment (Vairagyadhyaya); the book of parables (Akhyayikadhyaya); the book of refutations of opponents (Parapoksanirjaya

Sannidhata – Officer Of Stores And Treasury In Arthashastra

Sannidhata is a term used by Kautilya in his Arthashastra for a functionary in government. The etymological meaning of the word is “close at hand”. Scholars translate the term as chamberlain, director of stores and treasurer. A sannidhata used to be in charge of receiving the forest products for preservation, gems and articles in the presence of the concerned expert, and was competent to receive the new harvest produce. Sannidhata was responsible for building the treasury, the warehouse, the magazine, the store for the forest produce, the armory and the prison house. At the border, he was expected to build a secret permanent treasury as a provision against any calamity, with the help of prisoners sentenced to capital punishment. The treasury was usually the shape of an underground well. The prison house was to be constructed with an underground cellar to serve as an armory, and had separate prison houses for those convicted by the courts, punished by high officials and punished by

Concept Of Independence of Self – Datta Swatantrya Of Madhvacharya

Datta Swatantrya is the concept of the self having a measure of independence. The concept has been expounded by Madhvacharya (1238 – 1317 CE). He stresses that the soul is a real agent in regard to actions. This is established by such evidences as: The self conscious judgment (e.g – I Am the doer). The inference that such activity relating to the means of release must inhere in the same individual who actually attains that release. Scriptural texts such as: “the self, who is the doer, the knower, purusha” (Prashna Upanishad IV – 9). Unless the self is accepted as a real doer, the injunctions and prohibitions laid down in the scriptures in relation to the self will be futile. The embodies soul’s actions are the result of the interaction of the mind, the reasoning faculty, and the senses. The self’s activity is brought into play by the unseen merit and demerit of karma. The Supreme Being is the casual agent of the ‘willing’ and ‘effort making’ by the self in regard to activities

Goddess Chonnamma Bhagavathy Theyyam - Story - Information

Goddess Chonnamma Bhagavathy is a unique Theyyam with a long headgear and is performed in certain temples in Kannur district, Kerala. The story of origin Goddess Chonnamma Bhagavathy is based on a local legend. She is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. As per local story, Eravallikolothamma who did not have children went to Irushi forest and performed intense penance to beget a child. While she was performing penance in the forest a divine incident took place nearby. A doe (female deer) ate a flower which was discarded by a Rishi after chanting mantras. The doe later gave birth to a human baby. A kurathi (woman) took the baby and gave it to Eravallikolothamma who was doing penance in the forest. This child, who was of divine birth, showed divinity and became Chonnamma Bhagavathy or Chukanna Amma. It is said that Pithrvadi Nair who was cutting down tree (pana tree) to make arrow discovered the presence of Goddess Chonnamma. The Theyyam of Chonamma Bhagavathy is performed

Kadirur Pullyode Valiyapurayil Sree Bhagavathi Temple - Theyyam Festival

Kadirur Pullyode Valiyapurayil Sree Bhagavathi temple is located at Pullyode near Kadirur in Kannur district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi. The annual Theyyam festival in the temple is held on Malayalam Meena Masam 21 and 22  (April 4 and April 5). The important theyyams performed in this temple are Elladath Bhagavathy, Gulikan Theyyam, Kandanum Puliyum Theyyam, Porkali Bhagavathy Theyyam, Sasthappan or Kuttichathan Theyyam, Vasoorimala Theyyam and Vishnumoorthi Theyyam. Kandanum Puliyum Theyyam Kadirur Pullyode Valiyapurayil Sree Bhagavathi temple is a family owned shrine. Apart from the main deity, the temple also has subsidiary deities that are worshipped in Bhagavathy temples in Kannur district.

Gajnanam Bhootha Ganadhi Sevitham – Meaning Lyrics

The prayer starting Gajnanam Bhootha Ganadhi Sevitham extols the glory of the form of Ganapathi or Ganesha. The mantra can be chanted in the morning and evening during prayers. Here is the meaning of prayer along with the English lyrics. Benefits of chanting the prayer are auspiciousness, success, good luck and health body. Gajnanam Bhootha Ganadhi Sevitham Kapitha Jambu Manasara Bakshitham Uma Sutham Soka Vinasha Karanam Namami Vigneshwara Padha Pankajam गजाननं भूतगणादि सेवितं कपित्थजम्बूफलसार भक्षितम् । उमासुतं शोकविनाशकारणं नमामि विघ्नेश्वर पादपङ्कजम् ॥ I prostrate myself before the lotus feet of Vighneshwara, the son of Uma, the destroyer of sorrows of his devotees, who is served by the Ganas (celestial beings), who has the face of an elephant and who takes as his food, the essence of Kapitha (wood apple) and jambu (rose apple) fruits.

Goddess Kunharu Kurathi Theyyam

 Goddess Kunharu Kurathi is a manifestation of Goddess Parvati. She is a deity who protects her children from demons, diseases and natural calamities. She does not prefer rich shrines. She is usually worshipped in the corner of the house. Kunhar Kurathi Theyyam is the first theyyam performed in most temples. Women make offering to Goddess Kunharu Kurathi considering her as their mother. Firstly, she is offered Aval and Malar. In another banana leaf she is offered freshly harvested rice, meat, fish, papad and traditional vegetarian dishes. She is also offered tender coconut and milk in silver vessel (kindi). This theyyam is performed in family temples in Kannur district starting from Thula masam (October – November). Two important temples dedicated to Kunharu Kurathi are Kannur Taliparamba Kalathur ( Chalathur)  Kunhar Kurathi Amma temple and Cherukunnu Vannarath Tharavadu Kunharu Kurathi Amma temple. Apart from the above temple she is also worshipped as subsidiary deities Kannu

Kallahalli Temple – 15-Feet Murti Of Bhu Varaha Swamy – History – Timings – Story

Kallahalli Temple, also known as Bhoo Varahanatha Swamy Temple, is famous for a 15-feet murti of Bhoo Varahaswamy – Varaha Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu and Bhudevi – Mother Goddess Earth. The shrine is located at Kallahalli village near Krishnarajpet in Mysore in Karnataka. The shrine lies on the banks of Hemavathi River and the deity is also known as Pralaya Varahaswamy. Kallahalli Temple Timings Morning darshan and puja timings are from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM Evening darshan and puja timings are from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM Bhagavan Vishnu in Varaha Avatar (boar form) is in sitting posture with Goddess Bhudevi seated on his left lap. Upper hands of Varahaswamy are holding a conch and discus. Sudarshana chakra is carved on the back of the murti. The left lower hand of Bhagavan Varaha is embracing the goddess and the right lower hand is in Abhaya Mudra. Bhagavan Varaha is wearing a Kiritamukhuta (crown) and Goddess Bhudevi a Karanda Mukuta. There is also a murti of Hanuman in the main sanc

Niraputhari And Illam Nira Festival In Kerala Temples

Niraputhari and Illam Nira are agrarian festivals observed in Hindu temples in Kerala. This festival is usually held during the second fortnight of Karkidaka Masam (August). The festival is observed for peace and prosperity of families in the area and of the region as a whole. The first paddy is offered to Bhagavan in various temples and this is then kept in homes. The paddy symbolizes hope, fertility, prosperity and surplus food items. വീടിന്റെയും നാടിന്റെയും സമൃദ്ധിക്കായി ക്ഷേത്രങ്ങളില് ‍ ഇല്ലംനിറയും നിറപുത്തരിയും നടന്നു . വര് ‍ ഷത്തെ ആദ്യകതിരുകള് ‍ ഈശ്വരന് സമര് ‍ പ്പിച്ച് ഭവനങ്ങളില് ‍ സൂക്ഷിക്കുകയെന്ന വിശ്വാസമാണ് ഇല്ലംനിറ ചടങ്ങിന് പിറകില് ‍ . ഭക്തര് ‍ കൊണ്ടുവരുന്ന നെല് ‍ ക്കതിരുകള് ‍ നിറവള്ളി , ഉഴിഞ്ഞ , പേരാല് ‍ , അരയാല് ‍ , മാവ് , പ്ലാവ് , അത്തി , ഇത്തി , വെള്ളിപ്പാല എന്നിവയുടെ ഇലകളും നവപുഷ്പങ്ങളും കെട്ടി പൂജയോടെ ദേവനോ ദേവിേക്കാ സമര് ‍ പ്പിക്കും .  പൂജയ്ക്കുശേഷം ' ഇല്ലംനിറ , വല്ലംനിറ , നിറനിറയോ നിറനിറ ...' എന്ന വിളികളുമായി ക്ഷേത്രപ്രദക്ഷി

Sannikarsha – Perceptual Cognition In Nyaya Philosophy

Sannikarsha is contact as means of perceptual cognition in Nyaya philosophy. According to the Nyaya School, perceptual cognition arises from sense-object contact. They consider sense organs to be six in number. Some of them are called external and some internal. There is only one internal sense, called manas (mind). The function of the senses is to produce perception of objects. For a sense organ, to function is to give us immediate knowledge about certain objects. How then, do the senses function to give us perception of objects? Is it through contact or without contact? Sense-object contact (sannikarsha) is a necessary condition. The latter is of six kinds. A case of direct contact consists in the conjunction (samyoga) between sense and its object. In the visual perception of a substance like the jar, there is an immediate contact of the sense of sight with the object. Secondly, when we see the color of the jar, our sense of sight comes into contact with the jar, our sense of sig

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Sangoma?

Dreaming of Sangoma is a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means victory and you will defeat enemies. It also means good health. Dreams of Sangoma and you wake scared means spiritual disconnect. It also means taking the wrong path to achieve goal. Dream of Sangoma and you are running away means you will be under the influence of bad advisors. Dream of sangoma and you are absent in the dream means you will fear other people are unleashing evil things against you. You will go more and more into the world of black magic to find solution to certain problems. Dreaming of sangoma and you are seen in the dream means you will do rituals to defeat enemies. It also means you will make attempts to learn certain traditional practices. It also means trying alternative method or cure for an illness. Dreams of sangoma and you wake up angry or sad or terrified means you will soon face difficulties in life and you will try to blame it on other peoples evil doings.

What Does Dreaming Of Someone Mean Spiritually?

Dreaming of someone and its meaning and interpretation depends on your reaction and the situation in the dream. So, what does dreaming of someone mean spiritually? It means new relationship, travels and new ideas. The dream is asking you to be more accommodative and talk to people or strangers. This will help in getting you out of the well that you have got into. Dream of someone you know means a new project or something exciting will happen in your life soon. It also means there will be new adventures and gains. Dreaming of someone and if the person is a stranger then it means someone will come into your life and this will make some changes for good. It can be a romantic relationship. Dreams of someone and you are sacred or unhappy means your good intentions might not get the correct results. It also means you might get cheated by someone – you need to be careful after such a dream.

What Does Gum Symbolize In Dreams?

Dreaming of gum is a warning sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. Dreams of gum symbolize sticky issues or a problem that will not be solved easily. The dream of gum also means an old relationship or issue will return to haunt you. Dream of gum and you are present in the dream means you need to careful while handling financial matters and signing documents. It also means carelessness and lazy attitude will result in you losing important documents or damaging them permanently. Dreaming of gum and it is all over you mean someone will play prank on you. It also means getting trapped in a problem that you created due to greediness. Dream of colorful gum and you are happy means new friendship or celebration.

Brahma And Karma As Explained In Chapter 8 Of Dnyaneshwari

Collection of teaching from chapter 8 of Dnyaneshwari. Brahman is that which, in spite of being contained in the porous body does not leak out, that which is subtle but not non-existent, that which has been strained through the fabric of the sky and which, though rare and thin does not fall through the bag of the material world is the ultimate Brahman (Parabrahman). (8:15-17) Adhyatma is the natural state of the principle of the Brahman which takes form but is not created and even after losing it is not destroyed is called Adhyatma or Supreme Soul. (8:18-19) Karma is from that formless Brahman different elements like Mahat, Prakriti, Ego etc. are created and the formation of the Primeval Egg (Brahmanda) begins. Because of the Primeval thought the Primeval Egg gives rise to countless life species. But though they appear different the limitless Brahman only pervades in all of them. It is found that Brahman alone is the root of all these millions of species. One cannot find who create

Dreaming Of Guard Dogs – Meaning

Dreaming of guard dogs is both good and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. Dream of guard dogs and you wake up terrified then it is associated with death and suffering. It also means sudden physical attack or loss due to injury. Dreams of guard dogs and you are happy means protection and help from people in power and authority. Dreaming of guard dogs chasing you means you will see return of old problems. A secret of yours will be exposed. You might face embarrassing situations. If you see angry or barking guard dogs in dream naturally (that is not after watching, listening or reading etc) then it means you will be facing health issues, relationship trouble and death like situation in near future. Dreaming of fighting away guard dogs means you will make enemies soon. It also means your friends or relatives might turn against you. Dreams of having guard dogs as pets or you feeding them means protection and stability.

Dreaming Of Guardian Angel – Meaning

Dreaming of guardian angel is considered a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. It is an indication that with positive attitude and behavior change you can change the course of your life and achieve success. Dreaming of guardian angel also means you have luck and blessings for success in new ventures and job. Dreaming of guardian angel flying means that you will get help from friends and relatives. You will be able to solve a family problem. Dreaming of guardian angel angry or doing destructive things in dream means you will face problems in life especially due to your anger and bad behavior. It also means you are in bad friends or are doing illegal things and this will get you into trouble Dream of guardian angel attacking your enemies is a sign of victory. Dreaming of guardian angel talking to you or blessing you is a sign of happiness and hope in life.

Dreaming Of Gun Shooting – Meaning

Dreaming of gun shooting is a bad omen and warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be forced to hide to save your life. It also means you will witness something illegal or that evokes fear and aversion. Dreams of gun shooting also means you will be mentally shaken and disturbed due to an incident that took place in a place you frequent or you are associated with. Dream of gun shooting and you know the place means you might see accident or terror in a known place. It is a warning sign and you need to be always on alert and avoid helping suspicious people. Dreams of gun shooting and you see other people in the dream mean you will face problems due to the negligence of other people. It also means lack of coordination resulting in failure. Dreaming of gun shooting and you repeatedly see yourself in the dream means you need to avoid all kinds of bad friends and illegal activities. It also means in near future there will be incident in which you n

1 August 2022 Tithi – Panchang – Hindu Calendar – Good Time – Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Monday, 1 August 2022 – It is Shukla Paksha Chaturthi tithi or the fourth day during the waxing or light phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Shukla Paksha Tritiya tithi or the third day during the waxing or light phase of moon till 2:35 AM on August 1. Then onward it is Shukla Paksha Chaturthi tithi or the fourth day during the waxing or light phase of moon till 2:33 AM on August 2. (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.  Good – Auspicious time on August 1, 2022 as per Hindu Calendar – There is no good and auspicious time on the entire day.  Nakshatra  – Purva Phalguni or Pooram nakshatra till 3:00 PM on August 1 . Then onward it is Uttara Phalguni or Uthiram nakshatra till 3:48 PM on August 2. (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka and south Rajasth