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Story Of Akasha Ganga In Tirumala – Venkateswara Giving Darshan To Tirumala Nambi

The abhishekam of the main deity in the Tirupati Balaji Temple is performed using the water from the Akasha Ganga in Tirumala. There is story which explains the origin of Akasha Ganga and it also explains the importance of unwavering devotion as Tirumala Nambi had darshan of Lord Venkateshwara. Srisaila Purna, the main priest of Tirupati Temple, used to get sacred water to perform daily Abhishekam of Lord Venkateswara Swamy with utmost devotion from Papanasana Theertham as per the Instructions of Yamunacharya. The Papanasana Theertham was quite far away and Srisaila Purna found it difficult to carry the holy water.  One day when Srisaila Purna was returning with water for Abhishekam, a thirsty tribal person belonging to Boya (hunter) clan met him. The thirsty hunter requested for water but Srisaila Purna was not ready to give water meant for Abhishekam of Balaji. The hunter kept on requesting for water and Srisaila Purna kept denying as he had no energy to go ba

Story Of Queen Kuvalayavali Who Became A Dakini

Kuvalayavali was the queen of King Aditya Prabha and through ferocious rituals she became a Dakini – female ghoul. This story is found in the Shashta Taranga of Tritiya Lambaka of Kathasaritsagara. Queen Kuvalayavali became a Dakini by learning Dakini Vidya and by performing certain terrible rituals. Dakini rituals imparted to her by her teacher Kalaratri refer Bhairava worship. One day king Adityaprabha, returning from his hunting expedition in the forest, entered his living quarters. There he found his queen Kuvalayavali performing certain ritual. The stark naked queen was sitting in a magic circle (mahamandala) strewed with various colored powders, her hair standing on end and lips trembling in muttering charms. She was offering the oblation of blood, liquor and human flesh. She told the king that she was performing this ritual only for his welfare. She explained to him how, when she was a virgin, she saw her friends flying in the air. One being asked they told he

Indian Long Pepper – Pipli Benefits As Per Ayurveda

The dried long pepper or pipli is widely used in Ayurveda and is known to have numerous benefits. Long pepper is known as   ‘Theekshna thandulu’, ‘Vushana’ and ‘Kana’ in Sanskrit because they are pungent, create heat in the body, and looks like small slate pencil respectively. This belongs to ‘papiliyonesi’ tree segment and its biological name is ‘piper lamgam’. Indian Long Pepper Benefits Sneezing One gram of the long pepper powder mixed in 100 ml of lukewarm water should be taken every day early in the morning to increase body resistance, thus reducing the allergic symptoms of the body. This will reduce sneezing. Worms in children Depending on the age of the child, mix a small quantity of long pepper powder in honey and serve it once or twice a day to provide good health to them. The small intestinal worms, white germs in the stomach will be killed by this treatment and digestion in children improves. Long term fever Make a powder of 50 grams of long pepper powder

Rare Shiva Kuber Mantra To Solve Money Related Problems

In Kali Yuga, people give prime importance to money and property. Majority of problems revolve around wealth. Here is a rare Shiva Kuber Mantra to solve money related problems. Rare Shiva Kuber Mantra ॐ  श्रीं श्री ययै शिव कुबेराय श्रीं   ॐ   नम : Om Shreem Shri yayai Shiva Kuberaya Shreem Om Namah How To Chant The Mantra? The mantra should be chanted for 41 consecutive days. The mantra can be chanted by men and women on all days. One should begin chanting mantra from a Monday. Take bath in the morning and offer prayers to Ganesha and Surya. Light a single lamp on the east side of the house or shop. Chant the mantra 108 times. The diya should be put off after completing the mantra. A tree or plant should be planted on all Mondays during the 41 days. Feeding animals should be done on all Saturdays. You might like to read about Uses of Swastik In Hindu Religion

Life Is Happy Or Miserable - It Depends On Our Attitude

Life is happy or miserable it depends on our attitude. To an optimist there is opportunity even in the toughest of the toughest situations. To a pessimist there is a problem even in the happiest of the happiest situation. Life is hard during financial problems, ill health and death. If we are prepared to live a simple and healthy life then we can keep out financial problems and ill health to an extent. Death of friends and family members cannot be avoided. For this, we need to have a proper spiritual understanding of life. When we have bad things in life instead of brooding and comparing our life with that of others we need to see positive things. Stop comparing our life with that of others. When we are down financially or with ill health instead of making matters worse with a negative spin, evaluate the situation in a positive way and search for methods to get out of it. We need to understand that life is not always about excitement, achievement and enjoyment. There w