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Kama In Hinduism

Kama, literally means intense desire, is one of the ends of life (purusharthas) in Hinduism. Kama is instinctual, states Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. Adi Shankaracharya explains that kama is the reason for man’s action and effort. This principle has been established in Katha Upanishad, the Bhagavad Gita, and Manusmriti, as also in many Hindu scriptures. The cosmogonic hymns in Rig Veda (10.129) refer to kama as the first seed of the mind and the generator of this creation as the great desire of the Cosmic Being. Kama is deified in Atharva Veda (9. 2; 19, 52); yet he is not a God of love as in the later literature, but a God who fulfills all desires. His arrows, with which he pierces hearts, are referred to in Atharva Veda (III.25). He is also described as the first born (IX. 2). When desire for an object manifests and then becomes deep-rooted without hindrance, the action is performed well and hence the result is definitely obtained. Thus the worldly cycle is set in motion. H

Hindu Oracles Of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is famous for numerous unique temples dedicated to Gods and Goddess in Hindu pantheon and each temple has a spokesman. Gurs, Chelas and Grokchs are the oracles of Himachal Pradesh. The Gur as medium of oracle has a monopoly in interpreting the will of gods. During festivals and important rituals and pujas, they dance in a trance and answer questions to the deity, and the advise the appropriate sacrifice to appease gods. Traditionally, the oracle of Himachal Pradesh are not supposed to wear leather, get a haircut, eat eggs or chicken or smoke. Every deity has more than one Gur and the malegha Gur is their chief, who attends to all significant rituals. In many villages the Gur is the arbiter of local disputes. They play a major role in placing the foundations of houses, diving auspicious times for construction etc.

Hemakuta Hill In Hampi

Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagara empire of the 14 th , 15 th and 16 th centuries AD. Hemakuta contains some of the early temples built by Vijayanagara rulers. It is dotted with many smaller temples with special features. All the temples on Hemakuta hill have trikuta (three peaks), three vestibules, a common navaranga (mandapa) and an entrance porch. They are built of granite and do not exhibit any sculptural embellishment except a band of floral designs. Navaranga has deva koshas (niches for gods), which are now empty but once contained images of gods and goddesses before the Muslim onslaught on Hampi. The center of the Navaranga has four pillars on a platform. The entrance porch is half open and contains kaksasana, stone benches, with small pillars. The most interesting part of these temples is the Shikhara, which belongs to Kadamba – Nagara style with stepped pyramidal variety. The sanctums are now empty. One of the temples was built by Kampiladeva in 1325 AD, wh

Never Keep These Things Near Bed At Night

If you believe in Hindu astrology, then you should be careful about things that you place in your bedroom and near the bed. As per Kal Purusha Siddhanth bedroom is counted among the 12 th aspect while deciding on luck etc. This 12 th aspect is associated with loss, wealth, journey, sleep, and illicit relationship. Below are the things that you should not keep near your bed while sleeping as it brings bad luck and problems in relationships. Water should not be kept near the head while sleeping as it affects the moon. This can lead to depression, bad moods, and mental disorders. You should not keep the money purse near the head while sleeping as it will lead to unexpected expenditure.  You should not keep ornaments made of gold or silver near the head while sleeping as it will bring bad luck.  Items of made of metal like nail cutter, knife, blade etc should not be kept near the bed as it will affect your potency. Such people will find it difficult to have children. Those who

What To Do When Lonely And Depressed

When you are feeling lonely, enjoy the moment by doing what you like the most. When you are lonely and depressed, explore yourself. Stop thinking of what went wrong or regretting. When you are lonely, it is an opportunity to put the house in order. (your emotions and yes your living space too) When you are lonely, if you keep thinking about the past or the reasons for loneliness then soon you will become a victim of depression or might need psychiatric help.  Everything in this world is temporary, even your loneliness. If we can make Bhagavan our companion then we will never be lonely. God is the only companion who is always with us. God is within us. So instead of searching for a companion outside realize the who is always within us. www.hindu-blog.com Abhilash