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Varun Dev Puja Vidhi – Procedure – Varuna Dev Mantra – How to perform Varun Dev Puja?

Varun Dev is the Lord of waters in Hinduism and is the king of the oceans. Varuna Dev is worshipped to overcome all kinds of bodily diseases. This form of Vishnu is also worshipped for desire fulfillment. Below is Varun Dev vidhi with the Varuna Dev Mantra. This how to perform Varuna Puja guide is ideal for performing the puja at home. Varuna Dev Mantra ॐ अपां पतये वरुणाय नमः Om Apam Pataye Varunaya Namah When to Perform Varun Dev Puja? The puja can be performed any day in the morning. It is meritorious to perform the puja in Jyeshta Month (May – June) Benefits of Performing Varuna Dev Puja? It is a good puja and ideal solution to cure various bodily ailments. It is performed for prosperity in life. It is also performed by people who have fear of water or have constant problems in life due to water. It is ideal for desire fulfillment. Those facing sadness in life due to unknown and known reasons will find relief. Good for those family in which a mem

Vaikasi Visakam 2023 Date - Importance Of Vaikasi Visakam Dedicated to Muruga

Vaikasi Visakam is the day when Lord Muruga or Kartikeya, incarnated on earth. Muruga, the general of the army of devas, is also known as Skanda, Kanda, Subrahmanya and Kartik. Vaikasi Visakam 2023 date is June 2 and is an auspicious day in Tamil Hindu calendar (Vaigasi Masam). Importance of Vaikasi Visakam The birthday of Lord Muruga falls on the Visakam star in the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May – June). The day is celebrated in temples dedicated to Muruga in India , Malaysia , Singapore , Sri Lanka and South Africa . According to Puranas, Devas (gods) were driven out of heaven by demon Surapadman with the help of boons he received from Brahma. Unable to defeat Surapadman, Indra, the king of devas, sought the help of Brahma. But Brahma could only narrate his helplessness as Surapadman had already obtained boons from Brahma through severe penance. But Brahma did suggest a way out and that was to seek the help of Lord Shiva. When Indra narrated the cruel deeds of

Idana Mata Temple Near Udaipur – Famous For Paralysis Cure And Fire That Start On Its Own

Idana Mata Temple is a miracle temple in Rajasthan and Mother Goddess here takes bath in fire – Agni Shuddhi. People suffering from paralysis find relief after offering prayers here. Idana Mata Mandir is located on the Aravalli Mountain Ranges on Udaipur - Kurabad Bambora Road. The temple is around 60 km from Udaipur. Idana Mata does not have a closed temple. Mother Goddess gives darshan to her devotees under the open sky. The temple is named after a queen of Mewar. Around two to three times in a month, a fire takes place in the temple. The fire burns down everything accept the murti (idol) of Mother Goddess Shakti. Locals believe that the goddess take bath in fire. Sometimes the fire reaches a height of 20 feet. No one is yet to find out how the fire starts in the temple. Another miracle associated with the temple is that people suffering from paralysis find relief after having darshan at the temple. Childless couples find relief after offering trishul or jhoo

Manjunatha Shiva – Information About Hindu God Manjunatha Swamy

Manjunatha is a form of Hindu God Shiva worshipped mainly in Shiva temples in Karnataka. Legend has it that Shiva first appeared in the form before Lord Parashuram. As Manjunatha Swamy, Shiva is the god of beauty and art. Two of the most famous temples dedicated to Manjunatha are located at Dharmasthala and Kadri in Karnataka. Manjunatha Meaning ‘Manju’ means snow and ‘Natha’ means lord. Since Shiva lives in Kailash covered by the snows and as he is the lord of the snow-covered mountains, he is known as Manjunatha. Story Of Manjunatha Shiva Lord Parshuram after annihilating the Kshatriyas wanted to settle in a peaceful region on earth. He prayed to Shiva for this. Shiva then asked him to create a piece of land by throwing is axe. Shiva then promised Parashuram that he would appear as Manjunatha and settle in the land for peace and development. Today, daily thousands of devotees visit various Manjunatha shrines in Karnataka.

Varkaris – Rules And Codes – Followers of Pandharpur Vitthal

Varkaris are followers of Bhagavan Vitthal of Pandharpur. They are spread across Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh. Here is a look at the important rules and codes of a Varkari. The Varkari philosophy advises devotees to face miseries and hindrances with courage and firmness of mind and rise above samsara. No work is futile. We get our share of work because God wishes it to be so. We should work keeping in mind that it is our pious duty to do so and that we are answerable to God. The rosary keeps the Varkaris alert about their ideals right up to the end of their lives. Sandalwood paste (gopi-chandan) and black-powder (bukka) marks on the forehead, and the saffron flag carried on the shoulder are the other important components of their insignia.  Codes And Conduct Of Varkaris There are certain moral and ethical precepts that every Varkari is to follow: Adherence to truth. Treating all women other than one;s own wife as Rakhumai (Mother R

Ranganatha Suprabatham Text In Tamil

Ranganatha Suprabatham is a popular prayer dedicated to Lord Ranganatha (Vishnu) worshipped in the famous Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu. The prayer is known as Sri Rangaraja Suprabhatham. You can download the  lyrics of the prayer Ranganata Suprabatham in Tamil here. Chant the prayer give a devotee the confidence to face the world. It is considered highly auspicious to chant the prayer daily morning especially on Thursdays and Saturdays.