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What Are Senses As Per Hinduism? - Teachings On Senses In Hinduism

Teachings on Senses From Hindu Scriptures And By Saints of Hinduism. The blog post also explains the meaning of senses in Hinduism. What are senses as per Hinduism? They are the windows through which the body-mind perceives the world. We see or hear the world through the senses. According to Vedanta, senses, ten in number, are of two types:  jnanendriyas and karmendriyas or organs of perception and organs of action. The five senses of perception or jnanendriyas are vision (eyes), hearing (ears), smell (nose), taste (tongue), and touch (skin). Through these, we import the external world into our inner world. The five senses of action, or karmendriyas, are speech (mouth), manual movement (hands), locomotion (feet), excretion (anus) and procreation (organ of reproduction). Sometimes mind is also included as a sense organ, the eleventh organ. We export things into external world through these senses. Source – Vedanta Kesari – August 2012 People who are enslaved to the sense