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Mole or Beauty Spot on Ear - Til on Ear Meaning – Is it Bad or Good?

Mole or beauty spot or til on ear is considered as bad in Hinduism. But in some communities it is considered good. The position of beauty spot, locally known as til, has specific meaning to certain communities. It is also only given importance in certain regions. The person with til on ear will not have a long life is the common belief in many communities. Some communities are of the view that person with beauty spot on ear will make lot of friends and will have a prosperous life. It must be remembered that the use of beauty spot to determine future etc is not followed by majority of Hindus. It is limited to certain communities and regions. There are also no references in Hindu scriptures which talk about the importance of beauty spot. It would be good if you do not follow such things and concentrate on your studies and career and put that energy in studying scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita. Also there is no consistency regarding these beliefs. What is good for on

Hindu Quotes - Ancient Hindu Wisdom

This is a collection of ancient Hindu wisdom from folklores, scriptures and stories. The Hindu Quotes are primarily gathered from old books. You should be capable of making use of even the dust, while at the same time you should also be ready to reject the entire cosmos as mere dust! (Sri Ramana Maharshi) ...... He who is overcautious accomplishes little. One king word warms three winter months. Be charitable according to your means. A word is a medicine enough for the wise. Offering without faith is a waste of flowers. From labor comes fruit. Humility and courtesy are acts of piety. Anger destroy every virtuous principle. Heaven lies at the feet of mothers. Pleasant words are sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. Without goals we cannot grow. Good company leads to non-attachment. Strife is a loss, friendship a gain. One gets to meet experts in the fields of policy, astrology, scriptures and Vedas. Even the knowers of Brahman can be fou