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Showing posts from November 28, 2017

Story Of Birth Of Sage Durvasa And Arrow Of Shiva

There are three different stories in the Puranas regarding the birth of Sage Durvasa. The only common factor in all the three stories is that Lord Shiva is responsible for the birth of the Sage. One such story suggests that Durvasa was born from an arrow. Once, Shiva became so furious seeing the Adharma practiced by demons. His anger took the shape of an arrow and annihilated the demons. People were satisfied and happy with end of the rule of demons. But the arrow could not be stopped by humans, saints, or Devas. If not controlled, the arrow would destroy the universe. Devas prayed to Shiva to call back the arrow. Shiva then intervened and took back the arrow. It returned to the lap of Shiva. The arrow was then born as Sage Durvasa. As the arrow represents anger, Sage Durvasa became a fierce teacher who cursed anyone who crossed him.

Donating Hanuman Chalisa Book on Tuesday

Worship of Hanuman is gaining popularity in this Kali Yuga because he is Sankat Mochan – one who can help us out of all types of troubles. There are numerous ways to please Hanuman. One important method is to donate Hanuman Chalisa book on Tuesday. Hanuman Chalisa was composed by Goswami Tulsidas Ji to please Hanuman. It is written in simple language. Donating 11 books with Hanuman Chalisa help a devotee in overcoming troubles and fulfillment of desires. Donating the book earns the blessing of Hanuman. As more and more people read the Hanuman Chalisa donated by him, the person will be blessed with wealth, happiness, progress and prosperity.