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Hanuman Vadamala Count - Story - Significance of Vada Mala for Hanuman

There are no written rules regarding Hanuman Vadamala count. You can offer any number of Vadas depending on your health and financial capacity. Hanuman is usually offered 1, 8, 16, 51, 108 or 1008 Vadas. You can also offer 10008 or 100008… Forget the count, offer it with devotion. All that matters is devotion. Significance of Vada Mala for Hanuman Vada is a food item, which is part of South Indian cuisine. It is made using Urad Dal or Black Gram. Hundreds of Vada are strewn together to make a garland and it is then offered to Hanuman. Significance of Vada Mala is that offering it to Hanuman helps in overcoming Rahu Dosha. The story behind making Vada Mala is associated with Rahu Navgraha. Rahu had given the boon to Hanuman that whoever offers Urad Dal or Black Gram to Hanuman will not have the adverse effect associated with the positioning of Rahu in horoscope. People therefore prepare Vada Mala and offer to Hanuman. Hanuman Vadamala Story Vadamala is an importa

You suffer when you hold on – You prosper when you let go

Holding on and not letting go is a big problem of our times. In holding on there is only suffering but when there is letting go there is freedom, happiness, growth and prosperity. Parents hold on to children and do not let them pursue their dreams. Lovers hold on and suffer lifelong. Holding on is weakness and letting go is strength. There is peace, growth, prosperity and happiness in letting go. The holding on is not limited to people, we also hold on to anger, hurt, grudge, hatred, revenge and many other negativities. They weaken us from within. This weakness soon reflects on our mental, emotional and physical health.  Some of us go into long periods of silence after a fight. This is not positive silence. This is a negative silence. This silence is like a volcano. Lot of hatred, abuse and negative activities are building up. We are holding on to the feeling of hurt and anger. It is not doing us any help. Let out the steam. Talk things out. When you are angry, just shout out a